Fund Raising With Our Books

You all have heard me say several times, in fact you’re probably sick of hearing it, that all proceeds from the sales of my books support my ministry. Well, a while back I learned that I’m not the only one that does that.

That’s encouraging.

The church I previously worshiped at had two other authors besides me with published books. I didn’t know that and I’d been there for 3-4 years! Shame on me. One was an elderly gentleman and he had a rather thick book about history and a lady had 2 published books. She recently had her latest devotional released.

The pastor thought it would be a great idea for the three of us to display our books after the service. The lady and I both have ministries and as her way of raising funds for her ministry she had a shoe box with “donations” written on the side of it next to her stack of devotionals.

It was great! Whatever people wanted to donate as their purchase price for her book they just put in the shoe box, she’d thank them, and signed their book. She sold a lot of books! I have no idea how much she raised for her ministry!

I thought that was a really cool idea and even though that was about 3 years ago I’m still thinking that’s something I need to do. I have 5 books that are out of print, no thanks to the publishers! And maybe that’s a way we can get our books out to the public.

If we are not trying to recoup the fortune we’ve invested in them and lean more towards just getting our story out there, this could be one of the ways of accomplishing that goal.

But we have to have an outlet to do that and maybe church can be one. Most of us do not do speaking engagements where we have a large audience so what are some other avenues for accomplishing our goal of spreading our story to as many as possible?

Any suggestions?

I’ll be back if you will –


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