Keep On Keeping On

I’ve talked about book signing events and that I prefer to have them at book stores due to my not being set up to take credit cards, and that seems to be the means of purchasing everything from shoe strings to automobiles. Yes, I bought a small pickup truck with my credit card one time, so that isn’t an exaggeration.

I would love to be able to have a book booth at a craft show some time but due to the huge crowds that usually attend those events I would be forced to get one of those IPhone things that has the little credit card swipe gizmo and hope I would be accepted as a “crafter” in the event, and not only in one event but several to justify having the cost of the phone and gizmo to be able to accept credit cards.

I’ve mentioned a few other places we can sell our books, such as placing them in the beauty shop, announcing it at church, letting neighbors know through a Home Owners Assoc. newsletter, etc. I don’t want to discourage anyone in either writing a book or writing for a magazine, or just writing for the sheer joy of putting our thoughts on paper.

Creating a book, a magazine article, devotional, or whatever we decide to undertake takes time, concentration, and persistence. And if what we are writing is God led, it will pay off. But unless you are one of those best seller authors, don’t quit your full time job.

I did several book signing events for the first few years after getting published. I also sold books on my own to friends, family, and whoever I could, and I still do. There were times when I sat in a book store for anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours and would sell a few books. There was only one time that I can recall that I was there for 4 hours and never sold one book. But that was a fluke occasion.

The most I sold at one single book signing event in a bookstore was 36 books! Boy, was I a happy camper that day! Whooo hoooo. As far as I was concerned, when I left that store with that check tightly tucked down in my purse, I was a best seller that day!

Writing is work! Don’t get discouraged, don’t let others get you down with their negative words, and don’t quit. If you have a dream, regardless of what it is, let the Lord guide you and keep on keeping on. His word says in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Til next time…


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