The Quandary

Do I want to? Do I want maybe another disappointment or should I step out in faith and go headlong into what I think I’m supposed to do? Is it just some thought that popped into my head, over and over for the last couple of weeks, or is this really from the Lord?

Sitting out on my deck enjoying the morning songs of the birds greeting in the new day, and before the heat ran me back inside to the air conditioning, that thought came again. It really isn’t what we would think of as a thought but just a short few words.

Is it something I want to listen to? I asked the Lord where is this coming from and received no reply, until…

Sitting on the deck Friday.

There’s those three words again! Yep, He confirmed that’s the title of the next book He wants me to write. “No way!” I immediately thought of how the author of “50 Shades of Gray” became a millionaire almost over night by writing trash. That shows how low our society has stooped, was my next thought.

Just the title tells me it has something to do with love. I’m not a romantic by any stretch of the imagination. Oh, I used to enjoy getting an occasional flower picked from the garden, a hand made Valentine with a small box of chocolates from my husband. Candle light dinners are not my thing, nor sweet poems of love stuffed under my pillow or propped up against my coffee cup.

I am really, really, not wanting to write some love story, mainly because that’s what our screwed up society wants. But on the other hand I have to trust that, like always, the Lord will give me the words to type and I can be assured that it won’t be smut.

So I had some praying to do. I had a need for some confirmation that this is really Him and not something else popping up to throw me off track. Just the thought of writing some mushy love story turns me off!

I really had to pray about this one!

Stay tuned – to see what happens.


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