A Rare Occurrence.

Exhaustion was an understatement for yesterday. My friend and I spent the better part of the day digging up a whole bunch, and I mean a whole bunch if Iris plants I had going across the front part of my house.

I had no idea how those things can multiply and take over an entire flower garden. It reminds me of how gossip is. One little comment and in no time it can take over an entire church.

Back to the topic at hand though. I was so exhausted that eating wasn’t even on the want list but we did manage to throw something together. Then the “whirly” (jet tub) was calling loud and clear and this gal was crashed in the bed by 10:00 p.m.

Now that is a rarity! And I actually slept through the night to awaken at 6:00 this morning. That’s another rarity. The juices (words) began to flow, slowly I might add, so I have been adding to the story of my new book.

I touched on priorities in the last post and this morning that seemed to be a priority, according to the Lord that is, otherwise the juices (words) wouldn’t begin to flow.

So I’ve finished one chapter and will wait for the words to start again. For now the tummy is calling for food so I will see you next time, the Lord willing.







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