Job Well Done

It’s wonderful what a whirly (jet tub) and some rest can do for this old body. My friend and I was able to dig up all million, at least a million, (it felt like a million) Iris’s and get them divided up into boxes and bags for the various people that said they wanted some, and transplant some for me. It doesn’t look like much in the picture but believe me when those bulbs are separated there’s a whole lot more than it looks like!

My neighbor came over with his tiller and the ground is so hard, we haven’t had any rain for at least two weeks now, that he had to go back and forth three times to break up the cement, I mean the dirt. I only needed one strip plowed over and just that small amount turned into a job.

But, the Lord blessed us and we spent the good part of the day playing in the dirt/mud. Upon completion we have been able to rest, visit, and go out to dinner. Hey Wally Fry, I had a great big juicy rib eye steak last night along with some rabbit food and a pound of butter flavored with a baked potato. I just finished the rest of it for lunch today. Is your mouth watering? 🙂

I woke up early this morning and asked the Lord if we could do a little on the new book while my friend was doing her devotionals and Bible reading. He always agrees to lend His hand so I got part of a new chapter written before the tummy started interfering with my concentration.

With the yard work completed, what I had planned to complete that is, I’ll have a little more time to write. Well, maybe not. Next week, we do have some plans and they do not include getting dirty.

See ya’ next week – the Lord willing.


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