Making a List and Checking it Twice

The heat is sweltering outside and we have decided to stay in and keep cool. Last night my friend and I enjoyed the Chinese cuisine at my favorite Chinese restaurant and won’t have to worry about cooking tonight due to the large amount of food we were served. Love those doggie boxes. 🙂

That helps, and along with the sweltering heat, that leaves me with some spare time for writing and my friend time to begin getting some of her things put together for her return home in a few days. She always leaves with more than she came with. Praise God.

Last night was another one of those sleepless nites. It might help had I not stretched out on the couch and fell sound asleep after returning from south Georgia.

But a good nap can be beneficial, too. I had the quiet of the night to write and completed another chapter on my new book and start yet another one. Today we have been relaxing, and low and behold I just finished another one! When it flows, it flows and there’s no stopping it. My friend has been helpful with her knowledge of kid kind of stuff whereas I know nothing about kids. So now she feels like she’s invested a little in the story, too. A little help from a friend isn’t all bad.

I am so glad that early on I learned to write the name’s of my characters down on paper for easy reference because I’m finding I’m having to go to it to recall the name of whom did what in the early part of the story.

I have the main characters but someone slips in and then might appear later in the story and its easy to forget their name or exactly where they fit in the story. I suggest anyone writing a story, be it a short story or a novel, do the same. It makes writing so much easier to have the list and be able to check it twice, or three times, or four times, or…

Happy writing and see ya’ next time, the Lord willing.


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