Fingers Tapping

No I’m not listening to music. After Doctor appointments, Dentist appoints, Car repairs, trimming bushes and trees, a 2 week visiting guest, and traveling two different states, I rose kind of early this morning and thought about taking a lounge chair and going down to my beach to have some quiet time with the Lord. He said we’d get rest doing that but when I looked at the outside thermometer it read 62 degrees and the wind was blowing. I don’t think so!

Almost my back yard.

So instead I went to Walmart. Okay, I could have gotten quiet before the Lord in my living room but my 90 (now 91) year old friend at the assisted living facility that I’ve been teaching to crochet, joined several others and packed up her bags and much like passengers on a sinking ship bailed ship due to, sadly, many problems with the facility.

I had crocheted and decorated 40 Christmas trees to distribute to each room this coming December and suddenly I wondered what I was now going to do with them. The answer came when my friend joined the many others in a new assisted living home.

Why Walmart? I learned this facility has more than 40 rooms! It takes time to crochet and decorate these Christmas trees and now I needed more yarn and supplies to get started making more trees so each room would have one of my cute creations to bring a smile and help, (hopefully) to add to their celebration of our Lord’s birth.

As is usually the case, I can’t wait to get started so I spent the afternoon crocheting and decorating. I love doing crafts almost as much as playing in the dirt. I have four more to complete and decided these fingers needed to do something else…

Crocheted Christmas trees

so that started the tapping of the keys on this computer and wala, chapter 15 has just been written, printed, edited, and the mistakes corrected on the computer on my new novel, and the next chapter may be started before I hit the sack (go to bed). Yet here I am telling you about it with more clicking keys.

Where there is a will, there is a way and I encourage you to do the things that need to be done but also take the time to do some fun things. Life is too short to ignore our need for fun. And no, I haven’t ignored the Lord. 🙂

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