The Juices are Flowing

Not just the words that have been flowing today while writing another chapter to my new book. I was up late last night even after posting that I had just finished another chapter. The words kept flowing and yet another chapter was written before retiring at 3:00 a.m.

The real juices started flowing when I spotted a large Artichoke with my name printed clearly across its petals while grocery shopping yesterday. I couldn’t believe such a large fresh one was sitting right on top of the other scrawny ones. It had to be there just for me!

I grew up in central California, at least the first twelve years of my life was spent there. We were in the Monterey, Carmel, and Salinas area with Castroville close by. Casterville, and surrounding areas, has all sorts of produce crops and Artichokes is one of them. I assume they are still grown there now, too. We could buy a large bag of big Artichokes for a dollar. Now they’re $2.00 + for one scrawny little dried up thing. Hence I have not had an Artichoke in who knows how long.

Like racing to the finish line I bee-lined it straight to that big Artichoke as I heard it calling my name. That’s when the juices started filling my dry mouth. In case some of you do not know what an artichoke is or have never seen one…(oh aghast)

That’s my lunch today. Artichokes are high in Vitamin K, but who cares about that. So how do you eat this prickly looking veggie, you ask?

There are a number of ways they can be prepared but my favorite is steamed. It took an hour of cooking/steaming to get this big baby cooked but it’s well worth it. As you can see there are petals. Each petal is peeled off and at the base of the petal is the meat.

That gob of white stuff on the dish is mayonnaise. I like to dip the meat end into the mayonnaise and peel the meat off over the top of my bottom teeth. Ohhhh yumm!

Most, or I should say many, people enjoy just the Artichoke heart. That’s where the abundance of the meat is but oh, to bad, because they’re missing the good stuff at the base of the petal.

The first time I tried one as a kid I tried to eat the whole petal. Big mistake and left everyone at the table laughing until tears filled their eyes. Thankfully a sympathetic adult showed me how to eat one and I’ve loved them ever since.

So while my quest to fulfill the specific juice flow for this delicious veggie has been conquered I need to get back to the juices/words that are flowing through my head and screaming to be typed to finish the next chapter of my book that I’ve been working on today.

Have a great week-end and go get’cha an artichoke, but make sure its a fresh one.


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