Fall is Here

I took this picture in Tn. when I lived there.

Yes, the leaves have started falling, the 98 degree heat is gone, and now I’m in a sweat shirt because it’s 62 degrees! I do love seeing the Lord’s handiwork in the changing of the leaves but I do not, do not like cold weather!

When the Lord moved me to the middle of Podunk nowhere Wyoming He said I would be there a year and a half. I was there through two freezing, and I mean freezing, below zero winters and one 80 degree summer. I absolutely hated having to dig out from blizzards, shoveling snow, and freezing my butt off even with three layers of clothes on. Praise God for Georgia weather!

At least cold weather is good for something, like writing, and ridding us of those pesky mosquito’s. I’ve been able to add a couple of chapters to my new book and today is an exciting day. The past two days I’ve been doing laundry, doing some on the new book, cleaning my guest house, and waiting in anticipation for my new roommate to arrive today.

This reminds me of how the Lord will work in our lives if we will just listen and then be obedient to what He wants us to do. I’m sensing a life change for this room mate and I’m excited for her. She’s had some tough years but her heart’s desire is to do the Lord’s will. That makes all the difference in the world.

That’s one of the reason’s I write. It is His will for His message to be out there in the world and since we are His hands and feet I allow Him to use my hands….and now my home.

All the glory goes to the Lord for how He will use us. If we try to take the credit, step up with the “I did…, aren’t I great,” He will jerk a knot in our tail in a New York minute!

So when this little Christian starts typing the words I give Him all praise, honor, and glory because He is the One I want to please, not man.

Happy Fall – see ya next time.







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