When it Rains it Pours

And I’m not talking about the wet kind of rain. I’m not sure if the enemy of God is really mad because I brought a woman home that was having difficulties and she’s now living with me but it seems one thing after another has happened since then which was just last Friday.

We got my roommate moved in, things put away in my guest house and she was able to get a bit settled and things were going great. She loves her new home and we get along beautifully. We went to church, had a nice lunch and sat around getting acquainted.

Tuesday night we had a nice dinner, sat out on the deck chatting and later parted ways to our own domains and went to bed only to be abruptly jerked straight up in our beds to the screaming of all the smoke alarms in my house blaring.

The fire department arrived to find no fire. Praise be to God. The alarms suddenly stopped and the firemen hopped back in the big red truck and left. We went back to bed and barely dozed off when the blaring smoke alarms began again.

Now if you think, Dah. Change the batteries, that was done just three days previously and it was the firemen that changed them because I’m old and do not belong on a ladder or climbing into my attic.

Back the fire men come again. Not so nice this time. Long story, I had to have an electrician come and there was a short so $150.00 bill later a unit was changed out and we are getting sleep.

Tuesday, the T.V. went out downstairs in the guest house. Thankfully that was taken care of by Direct T.V. but the usual, “We’ll be there between …. and …. So stay put until they arrive.

Today, my room mate woke to her toilet overflowing. Yikes! Now I need my handy dandy plumber.

Needless to say, this week has been a doozey and we still have the rest of the week to face. And obviously I have not been able to wrap my head around writing until just now so as not to keep you all hanging as to why there has been no new posts.

Now you know. And no, I haven’t had the time or inclination to even think about writing anything for the new book, but life happens and we all know how that can go.

I decided its time for a break and time to chill out, so we went to my beach and got our feet wet and enjoyed the sunshine, warm weather, and sand between my toes. Boy is the water cold!

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