The Plumber

The last post I was pouring out my woes to you and things were not looking up. It seemed it was one thing after another and this is the time of year when my big bills come rolling in and must be paid so I was hanging onto the Lords promise to meet all of my needs and now with a new roommate that I’m helping the checkbook might squeal a bit.

We got the smoke alarms taken care of and the T.V. fixed and my handy dandy handyman came yesterday evening and plunged and plunged and plunged and used the “snake” on the guest house toilet all to no avail. “I’ll have to come back Monday with a fifty foot snake and remove the toilet and run the snake the full length.”

Not good news and in the meantime my poor roommate is having to traipse upstairs to use the bathroom. She can still shower and use the sinks etc. downstairs so this morning she gets in the shower and while her head is filled with shampoo she glances down and the bottom of the shower is filled above her feet with soapy water.

“Ahhhh, Sue.” She doesn’t want to tell me after everything else.


“The water was over my feet and I hear blurp, blurp,blurp. Then all of a sudden a whooooooosh. All the water was instantly sucked down the drain.” she tells me. The toilet flushes, no more problem and I do a happy dance and finish the chapter I was writing on my new book.

I didn’t know that God was a plumber!

See ya later…


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