Back in the Groove

After writing about my woes I’m happy to say the week-end was nice! Nice, yes, but there was one little unexpected glitch. I decided I needed to see if my gas fireplace was working due to winter cold just around the corner. It’s remote controlled so I grab the remote. I press the buttons – no little clicking sound telling me that the fire is about to pop up through the logs, nothing!

The non-Christian language wanted to spill forth but I was able to contain it. Thank you Jesus. I don’t have to ask for forgiveness and repent of the foul language spilling forth from these lips.

I decided to wait and just take care of it at a later date and went off to bed. During the night and in my deep sleep, I hear a voice that says two simple words, “remote control.”

The next day I check the battery in the remote control – dead as a door nail. I change the battery and walla- all is good and no big bill to check out the fireplace. God is so good! He cares and looks after us and we need to listen to His little whispered words.

I was finally able to settle down from all the “disasters” and my roommate and I drove up to Dahlonega in the mountains of Georgia, and visit a 92 year old that I had been visiting before she was moved to another assisted living facility after an extended stay in the hospital.

We were able to spend some time with her, stop and have some lunch, and on the way home take a few pictures of the Fall leaves that have finally started to display their beautiful colors.

With my renewed sense of peace the juices began to flow again and I spent most of Saturday and part of Sunday writing. It felt great! If we can take care of business and get to the point of having a mind clear of other things we can sit down and let the words flow.

I found that having the cares and concerns for other things is definitely a big hindrance to writing. How can a story line flow when smoke alarms blare sending you glued to the ceiling in the middle of the night, broken t.v’s, and stopped up toilets are upper most on our minds? It could be a sick child, a car broken down, or anything else that invades the writing juices from flowing.

With the week-end free from those pesky need-to-do, have to take care of surprises I have been able to write, write, write, and I’ve joyfully added another three chapters to the new book.

It feels so good to be back in the groove!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


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