Suspense Growing

After spending a quiet day of rest and relaxation I decided to begin the next chapter in the new book while it was quiet and peaceful last night with no interruptions. Reading the last chapter, so as to be sure to start where that one left off, ideas began to form in my mind.

A lot of ideas. “Okay Lord. Get me out of your way so I will write what you want written.” I sat praying and then started typing and things seemed to be going pretty smoothly but…

A new twist in the story began appearing. I’ve been told by past publishers and editors that if a story has too many twists and turns, several characters, and various events that it can become confusing to the reader. Its almost like trying to put an invisible jigsaw puzzle together and the reader will lose interest.

I finished the chapter after asking the Lord several times, “Is this coming from you or am I getting in your way?” The answer was always affirming and encouraging that no I am not getting in His way and to keep going.

This morning I was up early and began the next chapter. Half way through it I have had to stop because of my own doubts and listening to past editors about a story becoming too complicated. The new twist in last nights chapter is being played out in this chapter and even with the Lord admonishing me with, “Who’s writing this?” because I keep questioning if this is coming from me or from the Holy Spirit, so I just had to back away before I would delete the entire chapter and start over thinking I’ve messed up and got in His way.

So for today, I’m tempted to go back and continue the chapter but because of my doubts I won’t. I need a clear head and a sense that this is the way the story should be going.

And that’s what we need to do! If this arises when we’re working on a book, an article, or whatever and our thoughts are not clear, or there’s a sense of something not right, or maybe distractions from the enemy are sneaking in, then we need to back off and take a break.

So maybe tonight my head will be screwed on straight and the Lord will give me the rest of this story or at least the rest of this chapter.

Thanks for coming by. See you next time.


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