Moving Forward Regardless

Wow, what a week-end! I hope you all had a great one. It’s been cold which means I hibernate and when I hibernate I need to be doing something besides hiding in my cave sleeping.

I have spent most of the week-end writing. Yaaay me, but I have also experienced a good bit of frustration in doing so. But frustration or not I must move forward regardless. We can’t just throw up our hands and yell, “I quit!”

One of my characters in my new novel is named Casey. She’s a nine year old girl and for some unknown reason I keep typing Corey.

I didn’t realize I was doing that and being quite pleased with myself after completing three more chapters it suddenly hits me like a bomb that I’ve been calling the girl Corey. Grrrrr

That means going back through the past three chapters to make all the corrections. Word for word I have to check and finally get the name typed correctly and move on to the last chapter I’ve typed to reread and make sure there is continuity, etc.

“Wait a minute! This is supposed to be — and —, not — and —.”

Another screw up! I put the wrong two people where the right two people are supposed to be. Okay, its late, I’m tired, and maybe I need to hang it up for the night, but first I have to correct this. I can’t stand leaving errors for the next day if I see them.

Needless to say, writing a novel with more than a few characters can get twisted around in our heads and we have to keep the people, the places, and the length of times straight.

I can’t have a kidnapping, for example, on Monday and she’s been gone for four days and suddenly having her discovered in three days after she disappeared kind of thing.

We have to keep these things straight or the readers will be so confused they just toss the book aside to gather dust.

I prefer my books to be read from cover to cover, not need dusting after reading twenty-five pages.

Thanks for stopping by – have a blessed week.


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