Our Day Trip

The drive going up to Helen was beautiful. The news had been saying that the colors were at peak in the mountains and as I stated before we planned to go.

I was so glad I was feeling better, and off we went for a fun day in the North Georgia mountains. Yes, it was pretty chilly but with a couple of layers of clothing on we were fine. Well, make that 3 layers for me. Get above 70 and I’ll take a layer off.

The town of course is surrounded by trees and a major river (Chattahoochee) and we were able to enjoy all of it. Had the sun been shining brightly I think the colors would have stood out more but I’m sure not complaining.

Spending the day shopping and having real German food for lunch was a treat we both needed. Yes, its a tourist spot, but one I always enjoy whether I go alone and spend the night in the hotel on the river or with someone else for the day. Of course it is more fun if someone else is with me.

The whole town looks like this, even the McDonald’s. The small trees along the walkways are even brilliant which is a real treat.

So needless to say there was no trying to straighten out the partial chapter I messed up before and no writing. The day was spend admiring and thoroughly enjoying Gods beautiful creations.

How can anyone look at the beauty God has created and say, “There is no God!?” Something is definitely wrong in their head!

Enjoy the week-end. Stay warm and safe.







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