Where two or more…

What a week-end! Between staying up late writing, oh yes, I have been able to add three more chapters to “Amy’s Quest.” I also spent the other part of the week-end having a whole lot of fun putting the creative juices to work in a different way.

Gerri and I, she’s my roommate I’ve spoken of previously, was asked to help a friend in need. My friend is having her Sunday school class Christmas party at her house and of course she wants her home decorated.

Due to upcoming surgery she needed help in decorating and creating a beautiful Christmas atmosphere for her thirty plus guests when they arrive, so Gerri and I volunteered.

Isn’t it interesting that when two or more are gathered great things can be accomplished, and that doesn’t just apply to prayer.

Gerri and I put our creative talents together and the wreath in the picture is the result along with an eight foot, now decorated, Christmas tree.

There are times when we can reach out to others, even though we may have a busy schedule, and help them to accomplish something they are unable to do.

So whether it is helping someone with editing, adding chapters to your book, or keeping up with your blog, set some time aside to help others. Those creative juices can flow in many different areas.

Have a great week and thanks for coming by.







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