Said I Wouldn’t but…

I did it. I said I would not go near a shopping center for Good Friday sales but I did. Only one store though.

Thanksgiving Day we had our feast early and hit Penny’s ten minutes before the store opened. This was a sale I could not pass up no matter how long the lines were and a needed item not just a frivolous want.

We arrived to find the line waiting for the store to open about a quarter of a mile long and soon became even longer behind us. Amazingly they moved us in quickly without fights, cutting in line and no crashing the doors or stampedes which was a relief.

We had one item to buy, a coat. A regularly priced $200.00 coat and I am so proud of myself that we walked out in exactly one hour with the really nice coat and a $53.00 receipt.

Now you tell me that wasn’t worth it!

What’s even more amazing is that with all the hoop-la of Thanksgiving cooking, eating, guests, etc. I have been able to write three more chapters and have started another one.

I think that’s called perseverance or really wanting to find out how this book is going to end. I think the latter is the case.

The Lord threw in another unexpected little surprise last night to the story and I’m yelling, “Where did that come from?” Yeah, maybe you don’t hear Him but I do, and it was His chuckle.

I’m ready to get this book finished but it is His book, His story, for His glory, so I continue to type the words He gives me and hopefully be searching for a publisher soon.

Oh yes, He has said I will be using a different publisher this time. Oh great, here we go again.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember….

Jesus is the reason for this season.


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