Happy Faces Continued

I just can’t resist! I have to share our happy faces today with the distribution of the crocheted Christmas trees at the Senior Living Assisted living near me. The love, hugs, kisses, and gratitude is almost overwhelming. My heart smiles just seeing the pictures again.

Thank you so much Director Sandy at The Oaks at Hampton for giving Gerri and I this opportunity to bless others and in turn we are blessed.

He is a retired postman, and I got a hug.
The ladies are picking out which tree they want. They were so excited!
They each received a Christmas card, too.
“Oh my, they’re all so beautiful.”
She had a difficult time decided which one she wanted. 🙂 We had different colors.
My favorite lady, Nell. She’s 91 yrs old and the sweetest. I taught her to crochet. Yes, at 90 she learned and has loved it! That’s my roommate, Gerri with her.
“The perfect place for my tree.” The lady couldn’t thank us enough.
“Oh I want the green one!”
“I can’t believe you crocheted 46 of those!” My sweet friend, Nell.
‘You are so very welcome,” Gerri tells this sweet lady.
And my favorite of all – Nell giving me a big ole kiss.

Do you feel the love?

See ya’ next time.







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