Night – Ugh/Day – Yay

Having finished a chapter and then writing for this site I finally got into bed at 2:00 this morning only to find I could not turn the brain off, so needless to say after finally falling asleep at 4:00 I awoke and dragged myself out of the bed at 10:00.

Peeking out the window I see a cold rainy day and decide it’s a good day for writing. The laundry is done, the roommate is doing great crocheting her hat without my help, the bills are paid and with a quick run down the driveway, they’re in the mailbox and only 2 telemarketing calls.

Yep, a good day to write and the words begin to flow. The Lord is giving me little clues as to what is to come in the next chapter and that really pleases me but through prayer I want to make sure it is what He’s putting in my ear and not something I just want, or think, should be the next chapter.

The words are flowing through my fingers and out through these keys and the day has been spent at this keyboard. I’ve managed two chapters before leaving the chair and stretching. Rereading the last chapter written I smile as I walk toward the kitchen and suddenly stop. “Oh No! Lord? I left out the main villain! I need to rewrite that chapter.”

Turning and heading back to the computer I pull up the last chapter and begin editing it and adding in the main villain plus one other important character. That takes a while because I’m having to revamp almost the whole chapter. Thank God I don’t write really long chapters and that’s something we need to take into consideration when we write novels.

Do we have chapters? Or is it one long on-going story? Are those chapters going to have titles or just a number? How long do we make a chapter? That one is determined where there needs to be a break in the story but leads to the next events or a change in scenery. With no chapters we’ll have an on-going story that continues continuously right up to the end. No breaks, no change of scenery’s, no past events, etc.

Anyway, it’s been a busy and successful day of writing and as I bask in the thoughts that I’ve almost finished the book the Lord drops a bomb on me. I still have a ways to go and it’s going to involve a lot of research! Ugh!

Stay warm and have a good week.


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