Check Your Cookies

Wow, what a day, but before I get into that, I was up very late again last night doing the research I need to do for my new book, “Amy’s Quest.” I sort of hated having to dive into it but as usual I take the bull by the horns and get at it.

I think I finally went to bed at 2:30 and I still have more research to do before going forward with the next chapters. That was after I made a huge pot of my “Blue Ribbon” chili. I call it that because I won a blue ribbon, 1st place, in a chili contest several years ago with this recipe. And it is a secret recipe. I do not give it out!

We have a fire station just five miles down the road from me and they have helped me several times and really nice guys. So last year I made a 16 gallon pot full of my chili and gave it to two fire stations full of firemen and women. They loved it!

I decided to do that for just the station close to me and today I delivered it with a Christmas card thanking them for their service to our community and especially for their help to me. I hope they like it. There are some new faces in this station.

Then I drug out the manuscript I have printed up so far and began rereading it from the start. I’m not just checking for misspelled words or incorrect punctuation but I’m looking particularly for how the story flows. Are there “holes” that need to be filled? Does the story transition from one scene or event to another smoothly? What about the transition from one chapter to the next? These are important in writing, particularly a book.

While I’ve been reading and correcting a few areas I’m engulfed in the aroma of cookies being baked. My roommate has been baking various cookies all day. Try focusing in on a manuscript with cookie aromas floating through the air making the brain redirect and the mouth water. Can’t have slobber on the manuscript, that makes a mess to try to read.

Of course I’d have to stop and go downstairs to check on the progress of the cookie making and if there was a cookie sheet sitting on the counter with hot cookies I had to check them out. We can’t give tins of cookies that may not be just right ya’ know.

I’m also going to have to check out my bathroom scales because I think I gained ten pounds just smelling them and another five pounds tasting them. Oh Happy Christmas time is here and a roommate that loves to cook and bake. Toss the bathroom scale out!

Only 12 more days til Christmas… Then all those New Years resolutions.

Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it and hope to see ya’ next time.


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