Choirs, Cookies, and Reading

That’s a google image – not me, but she might be reading my manuscript. 🙂

Needless to say its been a busy weekend. A blessed one for sure.

Saturday morning was rushed to get the 8 ordered books packaged up that need to get to their destinations for Christmas and to the post office before noon when they closed. Once that was done I could breathe easier. Praise God. And by the way, my books DO make great gifts and there’s still time to order for Santa to deliver.

While I was packaging books my roommate was packing up cookies into gift tins for distribution. The rest of my afternoon was spent rereading the rest of my manuscript, or at least where I left off, and it still didn’t get done.

It still amazes me, although it shouldn’t since this is not the first book I’ve written, how many mistakes can still be found. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

I have a dear friend that is in the choir at the church I went to before the Lord moved me to the one I presently worship at. I know the hard work, the time consuming practices, and the hours spent at home learning the songs that she puts in.

At Christmas time, and months before, those practices are intensified in order to have a beautiful Christmas choir presentation. This is no small choir of a few people and when Gerri and I attended yesterdays Sunday presentation, they were awesome! All that work and practice paid off as a packed church listened, clapped, appreciated, and tears even flowed. It was quite a Sunday morning!

And then we distributed some of those cookies. The recipients were blessed and so was I. Less cookies to smell. (tee hee)

Today I haven’t gotten out of the robe and slippers. I’ve spent the entire day rereading that printed copy of the manuscript of “Amy’s Quest.” Even though it has been gone through with editing and making corrections, reprinting the corrected pages, I’m still finding errors!

This is why it is a must that we reread, over and over and have someone else read what we’ve written. Today was a jolt when I found that in an earlier chapter one of the bad guys was caught and put in prison. Yay, a bad guy off the street, right?

Reading on today, several chapters later, my bad guy that was caught and put in prison is suddenly found in the bottom of the lake with cinder blocks tied to his feet.

Wait a minute!

Yep, I really messed up. How can a guy in prison suddenly be found in a lake with cinder blocks tied to his feet? It’s called REWRITE! Its easy to get so caught up in the recent chapters we’re writing that we can forget some details that we wrote much earlier. That’s why it is a MUST to reread. Not skim through, but reread and catch those things that just don’t jive.

And by having someone else reread it is even better because they might catch what we missed. 4, 6, or 8 eyes are always better than 2.

I hope you had a blessed weekend. Thanks for visiting.


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