What an Insult to Writers!

I just can’t wait until Monday to share this with you. Thursday I spent most of the day writing and doing research and by midnight I was exhausted and finally decided to quit and go to bed, and was up early and back at it again Friday morning. By late afternoon I was not only exhausted but brain dead from the intense concentration, so I decided I’d quit and maybe go at it some more a bit later.

I feel like I am close to finishing this story so I decided to start looking at some publishers and see if the Lord zero’s me on any particular one. I pulled up a few and quickly rejected them for one reason or the other and then came across one I had noticed a few weeks back.

Pulling up their web site I was rather surprised because there was actually very little important information on it. (red flag #1)

So I filled out their little box to receive their guidelines and I had barely gotten my fingers off these keys when my phone rang with one of their sales rep’s. (red flag #2)

We talked for a while, me asking him questions and him asking me questions, and I listened to basically the same sales pitch I’ve heard from all the other publishers I’ve used and after some time I hung up telling him I need to pray about it asking for the Lord’s guidance. He was very nice about it and gave me his phone number and e-mail address if I had any more questions.

Going back to their website I went through the many, many comments from those who had published with them previously and became quite concerned because even though there were many “good” comments there were quite a number of “Don’t use them” and why comments. (red flag # 3)

Flipping back through their website I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything about author discounts for when we buy our books after release nor could I find anything about the percentage for royalties. (red flag #4)

I e-mailed him asking about these two items plus a couple of other questions I thought of after hanging up from our phone call. (most new authors do not think about royalties or having to purchase their books) I got the answer today. And yes, I’ve been writing a good bit today also.

I think I’ve written previously that the author has to buy their books at a discounted price after their book comes out. That is done on a scale of how many books you order. The more you buy the bigger the discount.

With this particular publisher that scale was much like the rest of the publishers I have dealt with, and that would be five different publishers. (no red flag here)

Then I began reading about the royalties. A royalty is the % of your book price that the publisher sets that you receive when your book is sold through the book store or the publisher. I have found that most times its set at 60/40. 60% to the publisher and 40% to the author. Don’t forget the publisher and book store get theirs first and you get what’s left.

Reading through all the typical jargon of how the royalty is figured I finally come to the paragraph that states what I, the author, who has spent hours, days, weeks, and months typing, rewriting, praying constantly, using up reams of paper and tons of ink printing and reprinting, and editing, editing, editing, and editing, and not counting the headaches………………………


10% —- and that makes it a 90/10 royalty! 90% to the publisher and 10% to the author.

The red flag ripped off the pole and this writer hit the floor!

I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great upcoming week. I’ll be fine. I didn’t get hurt hitting the floor. 🙂







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