Grab the Boot Straps

I have no idea what happened but I wrote a post today, published it, and it disappeared into the wild yonder of never never land.

Anyway, I apologize for not having been keeping up with posting on here but there’s been several unexpected events that have not only scrambled the brain but stood me on my head for a bit.

God is good though and has brought me through losing one sister and having another diagnosed with cancer three days later. She had surgery just last night and came through fine with the Dr. saying “everything went well.” So now it’s time to grab the boot straps and get back to doing what has been set aside for a time.

I found a publisher, had my manuscript accepted, filled out the questionnaire, sent the tax papers, and received an e-mail stating Amy’ Quest is now being sent over to the editorial review department.

What is editorial review? It is the department that goes through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb looking for grammatical, organizational, and spelling errors. They also look for word usage, sentence structure, redundancy, and consistency. They will also make suggestions.

It is in this phase of the start of production that NO changes can be made to the manuscript. What is sent to them is what they use. So make sure that what you submit is what you want printed. Of course spelling, etc. will be corrected at some point but if you decide to add to your story or remove a chapter or whatever you’ll be charged a fee. And it is not cheap!

The editing review part will take about two months to complete so in the time period while I wait for their part to be done and sent back to me for my corrections and approval or disapproval for any suggestions they may make I am waiting for the endorsements to come in. Be sure your approval/disapproval is a part of your contract!

The endorsements from the pastors and another author is being allowed to be submitted during the editing phase ONLY because the publisher agreed to that before I sent the manuscript.

Thank you to all those who have been praying for my sister and our family during this trying time. We appreciate it greatly. Have a blessed weekend and thank you for stopping by.


It’s Really Happening

Is it really happening? Oh yes, it has started. I received an e-mail stating that my book, Amy’s Quest has been accepted and as soon as I sent the required publishing fee I got a phone call from my publication specialist that will be my “go-to” throughout the process, and had a nice conversation with her.

We discussed some forms I need to sign and send back and she familiarized me with some of the questions I need to answer before they can get started. I wasn’t expecting to have to write the blurb this soon. What’s a “blurb?” That’s a short synapse of what your story is about. It goes on the back cover along with a short biography about you and maybe a picture of you. The picture is optional.

I had several professional pictures taken some time back and if the Lord keeps having me write all these books I think I may have to see a photographer again. I’ve run out of different poses, anyway the ones I like.

I like having my picture on the back cover for a couple of reasons. Sometimes people won’t recognize the author’s name right away but if they’ve read, and seen my “mug shot” before, they will recognize me and might say, “Oh, I remember her. She wrote that book I really loved.”

The other reason is because I really enjoy, (actually get a real laugh,) at those that will pick up my book that I’ve lain on the table in the doctor’s office, for example, and see my picture. They look up and see me sitting in a chair and the expression of surprise? confusion? is priceless. It’s the back and forth comparing the picture with the face in the chair. (I’m laughing right now just typing it.)

I had one lady come over and ask me, “Is that you?” pointing to the picture. “Wow, she sure looks like me!” Is my usual response, and they really get confused then until I start laughing and admit it is me.

That usually starts a conversation with, “Oh wow, you’re a real author?” With which I admit I wrote the book and stick my arm out and grin. “You can touch me if you want.” I’ve actually had some young people actually touch my arm with a totally awestruck expression!

The responses can be quite humorous at times and it usually happens at book signings and the “awe struck” ones are usually younger women.

Well, I went completely off on a rabbit trail so next time we’ll talk about the publishers and my editing process. That may sound boring but believe me it is not. It’s the most important part of the production process.

Thanks for coming by and sharing some of your valuable time with me. It’s greatly appreciated.


Landmark Day

I’m not sure that’s the right title for this but in a way it is a landmark day since the manuscript for Amy’s Quest, my new novel, has been accepted by the publisher. (I knew it would be.)

I got the contract today and went through it with a fine tooth comb. Better read any fine print before you sign one. I did, and had a couple of questions and got those answered.

So as of about thirty minutes ago I have a publisher! And the process can now really get started. Of course they want money so that has been taken care of and next I will be meeting my new publication specialist. He/she will be working with me throughout the entire process. Hopefully they won’t be changing like we change our underwear like one publisher I had.

So now what’s next? They will be sending me forms to fill out such as a tax form, a questionnaire about the book genre, the target age groups of readers, etc.

This can be an exciting time and I thank the Lord that it was accepted, He provided the publishing fee, and we can now get moving to get this “master piece” on the way to getting it out to the readers.

The entire process will take 5-8 months. During that time there will be more work to be done; editing, making corrections, more editing, back cover bio and blurb, and the cover design. Those all take time because approval of all has to be done by me and that means back and forth with the publisher and various departments.

If you thought writing a book is easy it is. It’s getting it published that’s got people fooled. So many think, I’ll write it and bingo there it is on the book store shelves.

Its not quite that easy.

Have a great weekend – see ya next time.


The Wait

The days, weeks, and months of praying and typing. Sleepless nights, dragging about with sleepy eyes, blurry eyes, brain in high gear, thinking, pondering, decisions to be made, searching, and wanting to finish.

It all comes down to this…

I’ve found a publisher. From all I have read on their website, reading past authors comments who have published with them, talking to their representative, and much prayer I have submitted that long prayed over and worked on manuscript today to them.

This is not one of those “glorified printers” that print what you send them and make big promises at lower author “packages.” From past experience with some publishers I think I have found one that is reputable, will fulfill their promises, and do a good job – but that remains to be seen since I have not used them before.

When the Lord says, “submit it” that tells me He approves. And when He approves and says to do it I am confident that when my story is accepted He will provide the publisher’s fees and all that is needed to go forward.

But now it’s a wait and see. I will hear back as to whether it is being accepted or rejected in about five business days which means next week some time. I’m not chewing my nails because I have confidence in the Lord. He wrote it, its His book for His glory. If my story gets rejected it will be a first – and that my friends will really shock me!

So I wait, and instead of writing, typing, and sleepless nights I will be crocheting lap afghans for wheelchair residents and hats for the homeless.

Have a great weekend and see you next time.


The Work Continues

I know you all can hear my sigh of relief that I have finished writing my suspense story, “Amy’s Quest,” but the work is not yet done. The major part is writing the story, but then there is more work to be done.

My book chapters have been gone through the editing by my dear roommate, but we are human and it’s easy to miss things, especially when we get so involved with our story, or are tired, or whatever. Even the professionals miss stuff. That’s why they send it back to you to thoroughly recheck.

I’ve mentioned before that a whole bunch of eyes reading it is better than just two, particularly the author’s eyes. So now the next step is my going back and reading the whole manuscript/story to make sure I like the way it flows, there are no jig-jags along the story line, and punctuation’s and misspelled words.

What’s a “jig-jag?” I call jumping from one unrelated topic to another a jig-jag. Just my own term for it. I’m also looking for punctuation and spelling mishaps. This is a thick book. It will more than likely be 450 or more pages gauging the word count against my other one that’s thick, The Narrow Road. It’s 465 pages.

Now that I have wore myself out doing my happy dance yesterday I have spent most of today, sitting in uncomfortable chairs waiting to get my Driver’s license renewed, answering phone calls and e-mails, and supervising the heat and air guys do their winter maintenance inspection, and trying to find what the Lord wants for a cover design.

The publisher will ask if you have any particular kind of design for your book cover. I think I’ve mentioned in the past that we want a cover that will “pop” on the shelf. “Pop” means it will stand out among the dozens and dozens of other covers.

I’ve perused the google images off and on and couldn’t find anything that “spoke to me.” Finally today I just said, “Lord we gotta have a cover design!” He is always faithful and led me right to what He wants and it is the perfect cover! Hallelujah.

Okay, this is important! You cannot use a picture of something from Google images or some other website for a book cover design! We use them often for blogs but we are not using them on something that we will be selling for profit. That requires written permission from the owner of that picture.

So how do I manage to use a picture I have found on the inner net? I don’t! I find a picture of what I like so when the publisher asks if there is anything specific I would like for my cover design I show them the picture I like and ask that they make a cover design similar to what is on the picture I give them.

If the publisher has templates similar they can use those legally. If the publisher has a real artist on staff they will draw a cover design similar to what I have shown them but not exactly the same.

What we can also do is just tell them I want, for example, a path going around a curve with some trees but not overwhelming trees with our own sketch, stick figures and all. That’s what I did for The Narrow Road cover. Or, I want a mother and small child by a beach, like I did with Dawn’s Light. There are a variety of ways to get what you want on a book cover.

Now that I have accomplished finding my cover design I’m e-mailing people about writing endorsements. Nope I have not contacted a publisher yet. I want my “ducks” in a nice little row when I do. Right now the ducks are playing at the waters edge. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for stopping by. I hope what I write is helpful and maybe a little entertaining at times. I really thought the little girl doing her happy dance was cute. ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Dance Time

These days seem to have gotten really cluttered up with “stuff.” It seems every time I turn around its something else that needs tending to. I received a notice in the mail that I need to renew my driver’s license. I’ve never had that happen before. It isn’t expired its just that I have a birthday coming up next month.

Wow, where does the time go?

That also means I have to get the required car inspection, which to me is just another means of stealing our hard earned money but its required or we can’t get tags.

It really makes me wonder about the whole system because I see several cars and pick-ups on the road that wouldn’t even qualify for a good junk yard wreck and yet they have current tags. Hmmm how does that happen?

Anyway, besides doctors appointments to get my ears unblocked, trying to write and do all the other necessary chores I have managed to get in some writing late at night.

In fact, having struggled with thoughts of this “freakin’ book will never end,” I kept writing. I go to bed at midnight, can’t go to sleep so I get up at two and write until I can’t see anymore.

Persistence pays off –


Yahoooo, hallelujah, happy dance time…

Now I get to start researching publishers since the Lord does not want me using the same one as last time. Oh joy, how fun is that going to be? Not much but it has to be done.

Its really nice to know the story is finished but I still have to reread the entire manuscript, correct anything that may have been missed, find willing people to endorse it, and find a publisher.

The work is not yet completed.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.