The Wait

The days, weeks, and months of praying and typing. Sleepless nights, dragging about with sleepy eyes, blurry eyes, brain in high gear, thinking, pondering, decisions to be made, searching, and wanting to finish.

It all comes down to this…

I’ve found a publisher. From all I have read on their website, reading past authors comments who have published with them, talking to their representative, and much prayer I have submitted that long prayed over and worked on manuscript today to them.

This is not one of those “glorified printers” that print what you send them and make big promises at lower author “packages.” From past experience with some publishers I think I have found one that is reputable, will fulfill their promises, and do a good job – but that remains to be seen since I have not used them before.

When the Lord says, “submit it” that tells me He approves. And when He approves and says to do it I am confident that when my story is accepted He will provide the publisher’s fees and all that is needed to go forward.

But now it’s a wait and see. I will hear back as to whether it is being accepted or rejected in about five business days which means next week some time. I’m not chewing my nails because I have confidence in the Lord. He wrote it, its His book for His glory. If my story gets rejected it will be a first – and that my friends will really shock me!

So I wait, and instead of writing, typing, and sleepless nights I will be crocheting lap afghans for wheelchair residents and hats for the homeless.

Have a great weekend and see you next time.


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