Landmark Day

I’m not sure that’s the right title for this but in a way it is a landmark day since the manuscript for Amy’s Quest, my new novel, has been accepted by the publisher. (I knew it would be.)

I got the contract today and went through it with a fine tooth comb. Better read any fine print before you sign one. I did, and had a couple of questions and got those answered.

So as of about thirty minutes ago I have a publisher! And the process can now really get started. Of course they want money so that has been taken care of and next I will be meeting my new publication specialist. He/she will be working with me throughout the entire process. Hopefully they won’t be changing like we change our underwear like one publisher I had.

So now what’s next? They will be sending me forms to fill out such as a tax form, a questionnaire about the book genre, the target age groups of readers, etc.

This can be an exciting time and I thank the Lord that it was accepted, He provided the publishing fee, and we can now get moving to get this “master piece” on the way to getting it out to the readers.

The entire process will take 5-8 months. During that time there will be more work to be done; editing, making corrections, more editing, back cover bio and blurb, and the cover design. Those all take time because approval of all has to be done by me and that means back and forth with the publisher and various departments.

If you thought writing a book is easy it is. It’s getting it published that’s got people fooled. So many think, I’ll write it and bingo there it is on the book store shelves.

Its not quite that easy.

Have a great weekend – see ya next time.


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