It’s Really Happening

Is it really happening? Oh yes, it has started. I received an e-mail stating that my book, Amy’s Quest has been accepted and as soon as I sent the required publishing fee I got a phone call from my publication specialist that will be my “go-to” throughout the process, and had a nice conversation with her.

We discussed some forms I need to sign and send back and she familiarized me with some of the questions I need to answer before they can get started. I wasn’t expecting to have to write the blurb this soon. What’s a “blurb?” That’s a short synapse of what your story is about. It goes on the back cover along with a short biography about you and maybe a picture of you. The picture is optional.

I had several professional pictures taken some time back and if the Lord keeps having me write all these books I think I may have to see a photographer again. I’ve run out of different poses, anyway the ones I like.

I like having my picture on the back cover for a couple of reasons. Sometimes people won’t recognize the author’s name right away but if they’ve read, and seen my “mug shot” before, they will recognize me and might say, “Oh, I remember her. She wrote that book I really loved.”

The other reason is because I really enjoy, (actually get a real laugh,) at those that will pick up my book that I’ve lain on the table in the doctor’s office, for example, and see my picture. They look up and see me sitting in a chair and the expression of surprise? confusion? is priceless. It’s the back and forth comparing the picture with the face in the chair. (I’m laughing right now just typing it.)

I had one lady come over and ask me, “Is that you?” pointing to the picture. “Wow, she sure looks like me!” Is my usual response, and they really get confused then until I start laughing and admit it is me.

That usually starts a conversation with, “Oh wow, you’re a real author?” With which I admit I wrote the book and stick my arm out and grin. “You can touch me if you want.” I’ve actually had some young people actually touch my arm with a totally awestruck expression!

The responses can be quite humorous at times and it usually happens at book signings and the “awe struck” ones are usually younger women.

Well, I went completely off on a rabbit trail so next time we’ll talk about the publishers and my editing process. That may sound boring but believe me it is not. It’s the most important part of the production process.

Thanks for coming by and sharing some of your valuable time with me. It’s greatly appreciated.


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