Grab the Boot Straps

I have no idea what happened but I wrote a post today, published it, and it disappeared into the wild yonder of never never land.

Anyway, I apologize for not having been keeping up with posting on here but there’s been several unexpected events that have not only scrambled the brain but stood me on my head for a bit.

God is good though and has brought me through losing one sister and having another diagnosed with cancer three days later. She had surgery just last night and came through fine with the Dr. saying “everything went well.” So now it’s time to grab the boot straps and get back to doing what has been set aside for a time.

I found a publisher, had my manuscript accepted, filled out the questionnaire, sent the tax papers, and received an e-mail stating Amy’ Quest is now being sent over to the editorial review department.

What is editorial review? It is the department that goes through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb looking for grammatical, organizational, and spelling errors. They also look for word usage, sentence structure, redundancy, and consistency. They will also make suggestions.

It is in this phase of the start of production that NO changes can be made to the manuscript. What is sent to them is what they use. So make sure that what you submit is what you want printed. Of course spelling, etc. will be corrected at some point but if you decide to add to your story or remove a chapter or whatever you’ll be charged a fee. And it is not cheap!

The editing review part will take about two months to complete so in the time period while I wait for their part to be done and sent back to me for my corrections and approval or disapproval for any suggestions they may make I am waiting for the endorsements to come in. Be sure your approval/disapproval is a part of your contract!

The endorsements from the pastors and another author is being allowed to be submitted during the editing phase ONLY because the publisher agreed to that before I sent the manuscript.

Thank you to all those who have been praying for my sister and our family during this trying time. We appreciate it greatly. Have a blessed weekend and thank you for stopping by.


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