That’s exactly what I look like about now!

I received an e-mail from my publisher that the edited version of my new book, Amy’s Quest, is ready for my viewing on Wednesday. Of course I immediately uploaded it and did a quick scroll through to see how much editing was done.

Now you need to understand that any editing done, be it a word or a suggestion by the editors, is at my discretion as to accept it or change it. Seeing some misspelled words is a no brainer, punctuation’s can go whatever way as to how we want the sentence to sound, and as for an editors suggestion, that’s a little different.

Let me give you an example of one suggestion they made.

My sentence read:

what did she have for breakfast, who cleans, and how did she get the bruise on her face.

The editor’s version reads:

what she had for breakfast, who cleans, and how she got the bruise on her face.

I liked the way they consolidated the sentence to sound better so I accepted their version.

Another example of an editing deals with numbers. I wrote out the number seven. I see a bright red line through the seven and in blue is 7. Red is “no no” and blue is the correction. I haven’t figured out how to write that in red or blue here so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Anyway, I immediately sat down and began going word by word through the entire book. This first editing process is a MUST that you read EVERY word. Any mistakes or changes to the manuscript can be made at this point without extra charge. The corrections are sent back to the publisher on a separate e-mail from the manuscript.

This is what it looks like:

377 “Amy, sweetheart, you are not going to jail! That is not why we are here,.” Mrs. Carver says gently.
378 “Do you hear me, sweetheart?” sShe asks.

The 377 and 378 is the line number and goes throughout the entire manuscript. Every line is numbered.

There is a red , and a blue . at the end of line 377.

sShe asks on line 378- there is a red line through the S with the correction being the s in blue.

This is done throughout the manuscript and EVERYTHING MUST be checked.

So why do I look like the above picture?

8 hours on Wednesday, 12 hours on Thursday, 12 hours on Friday, and 4 hours this morning before I finished.

Here’s an example of what my correction sheet looks like:

328 – If you would…” – Why is … taken out? Her question is being interrupted.

349 – “Hi Amy, (There was no quotation mark in front of Amy.)

373 – Shouldn’t there be a period after her thought since there’s a commentary next? (they changed my period to red)

451 – “Hi Tom” (“Hi, Tom” That changes how it sounds so I removed the comma)

Hip-hip hurray I went back and checked everything again with my corrections to make sure the line numbers were correct and the corrections are what I want. I typed an e-mail back to the publisher, added my attached corrections and…

hit the send button!

So what happens next?

Stay tuned. See ya’ next time.


I Am Outraged!

Sue's Pen 2 Paper Blog

And you should be, too!

Relaxing in my recliner with a movie on the T.V. I was enjoying a mystery style movie and then of course all the commercials are stuck in there every few minutes leaving only about forty minutes of actual movie time.

Trying to ignore as many commercials as possible, I go to the pantry, get a microwave popcorn, pop it in the microwave, and when finished popping settle down to watch more of the movie when another commercial appears.

It’s a T-Mobile commercial showing various people in various activities. Have you seen it?

Suddenly 2 grown men appear and are KISSING – mouth to mouth before my very eyes. I wanted to puke!

Forget the movie! I stomped in here to the computer and wrote T-Mobile a letter!

If you would like to write or call and hopefully put a stop to this crap here’s the…

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Where’d it Go?

Many have seen on the news about the crazy weather that has gone across the country. Snow eye-ball high leaving cars and big rigs in ditches, flooding, ice storms, and freezing temperatures.

Here in Georgia we have broken the record from clear back to 1964 (I think) by record amounts of rain. Our normal amount for a year is 21 + inches and holy cow this is only Feb. and we have already topped 17+ inches at the time of this writing and it is still raining!

A boat was scheduled to come by and I decided I needed to get on board but…

That’s me and Gerri (my roommate)

So now I’m stuck with the next crossing. 🙂

Just a month and a half ago I was enjoying my beach. (Its not really mine but I call it that) Walking along the edge, feeling the cold air blowing across the water yet feeling some sunshine on my face. It was refreshing. I walked out to the waters edge and stuck my toes in. The water was low but cold. Brrrrr Notice the rock jetty off to the right? People go to the end of it to fish.

Nice sandy beach with the rock jetty for fishing off of. This is Georgia’s largest lake.
Beautiful little sunny beach

I decided to go down to my beach yesterday and oh my gosh!

Where’d it go?

Can you find the rock jetty?
Can you see any sandy beach?

All I see is water and more water.

Not even the ducks will swim in that!
There is a boat ramp under there someplace.
Someone won’t be walking out to board their boat on that.

It has gotten so dangerous that no one is allowed to enter. (I sneaked in for these pictures)

I shouldn’t be shocked at how many people are surprised at all the “weird” and various weather phenomenon going on. Obviously they haven’t read the Bible about what will/is taking place in these the last days. It’s all been predicted within God’s Word; floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. And its all happening before our eyes.


To be perfectly honest – I’m ready for summer! But as Glen Burns (a chief meteorologist here) said, “I have bad news. Our rainy season starts in two weeks.”

Wait for me ….

Hope you stay safe and dry. Thanks for coming by.


Rare Occasion for Georgia

For those in the Northern states I’m sure you’ll get a great chuckle about those of us in the South. Georgia doesn’t see snow very often and when we do we all get excited. The kids grab the sled’s, adults want to be able to brag that they made it down the road without crashing, and those of us with more common sense stay home with a cup of hot chocolate and a fire going in the fireplace.

Today was one of those days. Just 2 days ago we had bright sunshine and a warm 72 degrees in North Georgia where I live. Atlanta hit 78 degrees! In less than 36 hours we are 30 degrees and looking out my window is a winter wonderland.

After living in Wyoming through two winters I am thanking God this will be gone by morning. I’m enjoying it now but oh so thankful for it’s disappearance and warm days returning. I hate cold weather!

Here’s some pictures I hope you enjoy. And hey, you Northerners, don’t laugh too hard, we’ll be in shorts while you’re still shoveling out. 🙂

One lone Cardinal enjoying the snow.
In front of my house.
My back yard
Darn, the Cardinal flew away.

And its still snowing. We’re supposed to get about 3-4 inches and I think we will. That’s enough to build a little snowman!

Have a great day everyone and if you didn’t get snow – enjoy some of mine. 🙂


What a Blessed Morning

I not only received the last of the endorsements to turn into the publisher but the smiles, gratitude, and love shown by some of the residents at The Oaks at Hampton Senior living was such fun and a mighty blessing.

Lifestyle Director, Sandy listed the residents that are in wheelchairs and we gave each a hand crocheted lap afghan in the color of their choice.

I had 2 tubs filled with afghans

We went room to room and here are the pictures that were taken. Just look at those smiles!

Gail is an assistant and said, “Just look at the details in this!”
Ms. Vivian is 100 yrs. old. She loves red and is looking pretty cozy.
It was barely 30 degrees outside so I kept my heavy coat on.
When asked which he liked, “I want lots of color!”
He got it!
He just wanted a nap and could care less what color. 🙂
But he was appreciative.
Veteran Bill loved the red, white, and blue.

It is amazing how we can bring some joy and feelings of not being forgotten or loved to others by simply caring.

Thanks for stopping by.


Patience is a Virtue?

Have you ever prayed for patience? I used to but I don’t anymore because I have found that the Lord will answer that prayer by placing me in a position that can try my patience to the enth degree. I hope “enth” is a word, but maybe not, but you know what I mean.

I used to drive from Tennessee back to Georgia and then return to Tennessee when I lived there. (Thank God I’m back living in Ga.) Every single time I took a “short cut” across a two lane road for fifty miles I would get behind a big truck or a farmer on a tractor and have to follow them for miles with no passing zones doing 30 mph in a 55 mph zone. Grrrrrrr

Talk about trying my patience! Oh I would be upset! But if I went the interstate I would add at least fifty miles to my normally 4 hour trip so I think the Lord used that “short cut” to try my patience and I was not happy about it in the least.

There are many instances that He will put us to the test. How about standing in line at the grocery store? The infamous Walmart is known for having two registers opened on a busy day. Now that will try your patience!

I’m waiting for an endorsement to come in that has been promised for my new novel, Amy’s Quest, but, and although I really, really need to get it sent to the publisher so as not to hold up their production timelines I’m being patient about it.

We have to give the people time to read the story and because I didn’t give enough time for the very busy people I asked, I’m having to be patient.

I think in this case I’m passing the “patience test” the Lord has me in, if it is Him doing it. Instead of getting upset, I can sit back and enjoy my crocheting while I patiently await the last of the endorsements to come in.

And by the way, tomorrow I’ll be bringing many big smiles to the elderly with 14 lap afghans I have crocheted for the residents who are confined in wheelchairs. Now that’s a blessed way to enjoy being patient.

Thanks for your time.