Patience is a Virtue?

Have you ever prayed for patience? I used to but I don’t anymore because I have found that the Lord will answer that prayer by placing me in a position that can try my patience to the enth degree. I hope “enth” is a word, but maybe not, but you know what I mean.

I used to drive from Tennessee back to Georgia and then return to Tennessee when I lived there. (Thank God I’m back living in Ga.) Every single time I took a “short cut” across a two lane road for fifty miles I would get behind a big truck or a farmer on a tractor and have to follow them for miles with no passing zones doing 30 mph in a 55 mph zone. Grrrrrrr

Talk about trying my patience! Oh I would be upset! But if I went the interstate I would add at least fifty miles to my normally 4 hour trip so I think the Lord used that “short cut” to try my patience and I was not happy about it in the least.

There are many instances that He will put us to the test. How about standing in line at the grocery store? The infamous Walmart is known for having two registers opened on a busy day. Now that will try your patience!

I’m waiting for an endorsement to come in that has been promised for my new novel, Amy’s Quest, but, and although I really, really need to get it sent to the publisher so as not to hold up their production timelines I’m being patient about it.

We have to give the people time to read the story and because I didn’t give enough time for the very busy people I asked, I’m having to be patient.

I think in this case I’m passing the “patience test” the Lord has me in, if it is Him doing it. Instead of getting upset, I can sit back and enjoy my crocheting while I patiently await the last of the endorsements to come in.

And by the way, tomorrow I’ll be bringing many big smiles to the elderly with 14 lap afghans I have crocheted for the residents who are confined in wheelchairs. Now that’s a blessed way to enjoy being patient.

Thanks for your time.


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