Where’d it Go?

Many have seen on the news about the crazy weather that has gone across the country. Snow eye-ball high leaving cars and big rigs in ditches, flooding, ice storms, and freezing temperatures.

Here in Georgia we have broken the record from clear back to 1964 (I think) by record amounts of rain. Our normal amount for a year is 21 + inches and holy cow this is only Feb. and we have already topped 17+ inches at the time of this writing and it is still raining!

A boat was scheduled to come by and I decided I needed to get on board but…

That’s me and Gerri (my roommate)

So now I’m stuck with the next crossing. 🙂

Just a month and a half ago I was enjoying my beach. (Its not really mine but I call it that) Walking along the edge, feeling the cold air blowing across the water yet feeling some sunshine on my face. It was refreshing. I walked out to the waters edge and stuck my toes in. The water was low but cold. Brrrrr Notice the rock jetty off to the right? People go to the end of it to fish.

Nice sandy beach with the rock jetty for fishing off of. This is Georgia’s largest lake.
Beautiful little sunny beach

I decided to go down to my beach yesterday and oh my gosh!

Where’d it go?

Can you find the rock jetty?
Can you see any sandy beach?

All I see is water and more water.

Not even the ducks will swim in that!
There is a boat ramp under there someplace.
Someone won’t be walking out to board their boat on that.

It has gotten so dangerous that no one is allowed to enter. (I sneaked in for these pictures)

I shouldn’t be shocked at how many people are surprised at all the “weird” and various weather phenomenon going on. Obviously they haven’t read the Bible about what will/is taking place in these the last days. It’s all been predicted within God’s Word; floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. And its all happening before our eyes.


To be perfectly honest – I’m ready for summer! But as Glen Burns (a chief meteorologist here) said, “I have bad news. Our rainy season starts in two weeks.”

Wait for me ….

Hope you stay safe and dry. Thanks for coming by.







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