That’s exactly what I look like about now!

I received an e-mail from my publisher that the edited version of my new book, Amy’s Quest, is ready for my viewing on Wednesday. Of course I immediately uploaded it and did a quick scroll through to see how much editing was done.

Now you need to understand that any editing done, be it a word or a suggestion by the editors, is at my discretion as to accept it or change it. Seeing some misspelled words is a no brainer, punctuation’s can go whatever way as to how we want the sentence to sound, and as for an editors suggestion, that’s a little different.

Let me give you an example of one suggestion they made.

My sentence read:

what did she have for breakfast, who cleans, and how did she get the bruise on her face.

The editor’s version reads:

what she had for breakfast, who cleans, and how she got the bruise on her face.

I liked the way they consolidated the sentence to sound better so I accepted their version.

Another example of an editing deals with numbers. I wrote out the number seven. I see a bright red line through the seven and in blue is 7. Red is “no no” and blue is the correction. I haven’t figured out how to write that in red or blue here so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Anyway, I immediately sat down and began going word by word through the entire book. This first editing process is a MUST that you read EVERY word. Any mistakes or changes to the manuscript can be made at this point without extra charge. The corrections are sent back to the publisher on a separate e-mail from the manuscript.

This is what it looks like:

377 “Amy, sweetheart, you are not going to jail! That is not why we are here,.” Mrs. Carver says gently.
378 “Do you hear me, sweetheart?” sShe asks.

The 377 and 378 is the line number and goes throughout the entire manuscript. Every line is numbered.

There is a red , and a blue . at the end of line 377.

sShe asks on line 378- there is a red line through the S with the correction being the s in blue.

This is done throughout the manuscript and EVERYTHING MUST be checked.

So why do I look like the above picture?

8 hours on Wednesday, 12 hours on Thursday, 12 hours on Friday, and 4 hours this morning before I finished.

Here’s an example of what my correction sheet looks like:

328 – If you would…” – Why is … taken out? Her question is being interrupted.

349 – “Hi Amy, (There was no quotation mark in front of Amy.)

373 – Shouldn’t there be a period after her thought since there’s a commentary next? (they changed my period to red)

451 – “Hi Tom” (“Hi, Tom” That changes how it sounds so I removed the comma)

Hip-hip hurray I went back and checked everything again with my corrections to make sure the line numbers were correct and the corrections are what I want. I typed an e-mail back to the publisher, added my attached corrections and…

hit the send button!

So what happens next?

Stay tuned. See ya’ next time.


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