Moving on Up

Having submitted the one correction that I had, I’m not really surprised that I received the manuscript back in just three days for my approval of that one correction. Since it is only one correction instead of several the publishers editors usually do it right away.

So I checked it, okayed it, and clicked the “accept editing” for all of the corrections including the one I sent. This is THE benefit of having a publisher that will make no changes, not even a little one, without your approval.

So now my manuscript for Amy’s Quest is sent to the Illustration Department for the page design. What they do in that department is the type setting which is setting appropriate fonts and sizes, choosing the right character and line spacing, setting accurate page breaks so the pages look nice. My book doesn’t have any photo’s, charts, or drawings but it is in this department that they do that plus the bar codes, pricing, and ISBN numbers. In other words, they do a lot.

So it is wait time again while they do their thing and in the meantime, while I’m waiting to get that sent to me for my approval, I’ve been playing in the dirt since it quit raining for three days and the weather was warm. Now we’re back to rain. 😦

I have a pretty Iris garden that needed weeding really bad. I didn’t need the freakin’ snake that showed up though! I hate snakes!!!!!! The trusty shovel took care of him and even though I kept watching to make sure he wasn’t resurrected, I was able to finish my weeding and admire the results of my hard work.

Hopefully it won’t take the 3-4 months to get the formatted manuscript back for my approval. It’s always exciting to finally see our book in the almost completed book form.

So the production process is movin’ on up and that’s what is important.

Have a great week. See ya’ next time.



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