I’m Ready!

What a time we live in right now. Do you ever wonder what it will be like when all, or most, of the Christians are gone and the world faces a world where Satan is in command?

I have thought about that and to be honest, I can not even begin to imagine what will go on when I see the hatred, greed, and dishonesty that goes on now.

Watching the news, listening to people arguing and fighting over nonessential things during this pandemic of Coronavirus is astounding to me and yet it shouldn’t be, considering what an evil world we live in.

The Lord whispered in my ear as I stood gaping at empty shelves, “This is just a small sample of what is yet to come.”

Well, He also says we are to prepare. I’m ready…

I donned my hazmat suit and grabbed my Bible and off to church I went. Don’t tell me I can’t go to church! And after church I kept my safety suit on and I boldly stepped into Walmart and found an entire roll of toilet paper! I was so proud of myself even when the woman next to me tried to yank it out of my hands.

The canned vegetables were gone but I managed to snatch a can of green beans out of the 3 cases the man in front of me had in his cart when he turned his back, and I even found a small container of hand wash that was hiding behind the aspirins.

Of course I’m saying all of this in jest. (The 3 cases of green beans is true)

Listening to the main stream media and hearing all the fear tactics being spewed out from the t.v. screen one would think this is exactly what we need to do.

Instead they have closed the stores, leaving many out of work. They have shut down the schools leaving parents worried sick how to feed their kids, and the churches have closed their doors leaving me comfortably watching a live stream service from my church in my nighty, covered with an afghan, and a hot cup of tea. Hey, now that part wasn’t so bad. It’s the first time I’ve been able to sit through church warm!

I’m fully aware that the Coronavirus is a deadly virus and it is to be taken seriously. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones from this virus but please let’s use what common sense we have and not hoard, oh my gosh especially the toilet paper! Like our sheriff of our county said, “You don’t need 742 packages of toilet paper!”

Stay safe and healthy my friends and we’ll get through this with the Lord’s help.







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