Spring Fever

I have spring fever and that is not a good thing when we are told, not asked, “stay home!” due to the Coronavirus stuff. And yes, I have been doing that and enjoying playing in the dirt.

I’m not so sure my roommate feels quite the same way because she has not been active for a few years due to just trying to survive. The last couple of days we have had beautiful weather. Thank you Lord for the reprieve from all the rain.

Naturally I want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the first day I told my roommate, “Get some old clothes and shoes on that you don’t care to get dirty. I’m putting your butt to work!”

I have several large “monkey grass” plants that line my walkway and they have gotten so big they needed to be moved.

Now that was no simple task and we worked almost the full day digging big enough holes to relocate them and digging them up which meant dealing with any critters that may be hiding in them or under them.

My poor roommate was determined that she was having a good time in between sweat rolling down her face, shoulders and face turning a bright pink, and almost collapsing as it took two of us to pick up the dug up plant.

One freakin’ poisonous snake (copperhead) later we managed to get many of them transplanted.

Did I mention I HATE snakes!!!!!!

We merely moved them to the back of the garden away from the walkway that they were taking over. I still have more to transplant but until I decide where to move them we moved on to the next day.

“Sue’s determined to kill me!” Was told to many friends and put on Facebook. I’m really not. (giggle)

Yesterday, “Put your work clothes on, we’re going to initiate the new burn barrel.”

“Sue’s going to kill me yet.”

So we spent about 3-4 hours picking up branches, twigs, and sticks from the winters barrage on my yard and burned them in my fancy new burn barrel. The aches and pains from the day before left my poor roommate moving pretty slow so I showed the Lord’s compassion and let her take several much needed rest periods. (I don’t think I had a choice)

The problem now is that I’m ready to start planting new flowers in my front garden and with the, “stay home!” I am being conscientious about being exposed and possibly exposing others to this darn virus so I can’t go get the plants I want. Grrrr

I’m sure others feel the same but listen up, this too will pass and we all will be back to what we call normal living. Church is being live streamed, there are still some groceries to be found, (forget toilet paper and hand sanitizer,) but we are a resourceful people.

God is in control and its a great time to seek Him and enjoy the time away from the daily grind as much as possible. Take care of those chores around the house that you’ve put off for who knows how long, play with your kids, eat dinner together around a table, and put the freakin’ cell phones away for a day.

Stay safe and healthy and please pray for our truckers that are having a really hard time finding food and rest.







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