The Aliens Came

The grass is ankle high, the weeds are popping up like popcorn scattered across the tall grass, the snakes, hopefully, are hiding in someone else’s yard, it rained again all day, and I got an e-mail from the publisher.

Like everyone else that is following the dictates to remain home to halt the spread of this coronavirus, so are the employees at my publishing company, which makes it difficult for them.

I thoroughly understand and appreciate their persistence in trying to make deadlines even under these extreme conditions by working from their homes. So with a pleasant thank you for notifying me and wishing them to stay safe and healthy I await the page formation of Amy’s Quest.

Today was my first trip to Walmart in almost three weeks and I think the aliens came. With my list of needs and wants in hand and my roommate with her list, we decided we needed a “Walmart fix.” (actually some groceries)

We pulled into the parking lot filled with cars and with a groan I said, “Oh my, the place is packed, we’ll never get what we need.” I found a parking space when someone pulled out and with umbrella’s at full mast we traipsed across the wet pavement through the downpour into the store.

I suddenly stopped and gaped at the empty aisles. A security guard walked near us and I said, “The parking lot is full, where’s all the people!?” There was not 25 people in that whole big store!

He laughed, shrugged, and replied, “I don’t know.” (It’s gotta’ be bad when they now hired a security guard!)

All during our hunt for what we needed; passing totally empty shelves, a meat counter that had some chicken and hamburger and nothing else, stacks and stacks of bottled water, Plenty of yucky store brand milk, (I like name brand thank you very much) and an aisle devoid of all toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels. Praise God someone delivered bread because that aisle was full.

I did manage to get three different kinds of canned veggies for a soup I wanted to make out of the sparse choices left here and there, and the whole time the place was like a deserted museum. This was not during early morning hours when everyone is still asleep. It was in the middle of the afternoon!

As we left we saw a few cars pulling in looking for parking spaces and only a couple leaving. Where’d the people who arrived in all those parked cars disappear to? There are no other stores!

Gazing up at the sky I yelled, “Oh look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane…”

It had to be aliens that sucked the people right out of their cars and headed back to space leaving my roommate and I to shop without having to stand six feet from someone else or fight someone for a can of beans. (Thank you Lord.)

And the highlight of my day? I was able to get 10 pots of beautiful purple Phlox. Ohhh I’m a happy camper now! The sun is coming out tomorrow and the rain going away.

Look out dirt – here I come!

Take your time format people, I got gardening to do. 🙂

Stay home, stay safe, and see ya next time.


2 thoughts on “The Aliens Came

  1. Great story, Sue. I haven’t been out for almost a week and a half, and I was blessed to have someone pick up groceries for me last Friday morning. So I don’t know what it looks like in the store I usually shop in. I got gas the last time I was out and amazingly there were almost no cars getting gas. But the ironic thing is that I haven’t used the car since! I woke up to snow 2 days ago. Thought that was done with. But by evening it was gone. But it’s sure no time for gardening here. Not that I can garden, living in a high rise. But I can’t wait until I can see flowers growing here and ornamental trees in blossom. Glad you found your flowers to brighten your day. God bless.

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