Yay – Good News!

All day, well most of the day, I have been washing rugs and hanging them outside to dry, cleaning house, bathrooms, mopping floors, etc. It sounds like fun, I know. NOT! Come 4:00 p.m. I turned the T.V. on to see what our governor has decided to do about lifting the coronavirus restrictions for our state.

Before anyone shuts me down, gets mad, wants to yell obscenities at Governor Kemp, I want to thank him for using not only the medical advice, statistics for our state, etc, information he has been given, but using common sense.

Yes, hallelujah, he has opened our state! But with some restrictions especially for the elderly. Those over 65 years of age, those in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior care homes are told they “have to be sequestered until June 12th.”

I fully understand that we must protect our elderly even though my heart goes out to them because family members and friends cannot visit, except through a glass window or door. There are no hugs, no special treats handed to a loved one, no physical contact inside or outside in “safe areas”, communication is via phone or from outside and they are required to eat alone in their rooms because gathering in the dining room is prohibited.

(Side note: I do want to give a huge shout out to The Oaks at Hampton Senior Living facility where my 91 year old friend is. They have gone way above and beyond the call of duty in keeping her and the other wonderful people safe and entertained as much as humanly possible. Thank you Jesus!)

Did you hear me? I do understand these restrictions for the elderly! But this over 65 year old woman is not going to be told by the government that I HAVE TO REMAIN in my house for another month and a half! Those in the above mentioned facilities have no choice – but I do!

Obviously I will be using common sense so as to protect others as well as myself but if I want to go celebrate at a restaurant that is open, I am definitely going to do exactly that, or if I want to sunbathe on a beach I will do that, too.

Call it a rebellious spirit, stubbornness, or whatever you want to, but the last time I looked I still live in America and still have God given freedoms. If for some reason I happen to leave this earth then you will hear reverberating loudly across the skies…


My new glorified body -Yikes – not that young! (giggle)

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Blessings Galore

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting in a couple of ways. I’m getting a little impatient and that is not always a good thing. We need to take into consideration what others might be experiencing and our patience can be tested through that thought process.

I’m still waiting for the cover design for my new book, Amy’s Quest. That’s becoming a little harder as days and weeks pass, but I already know the people doing it are having to do it from their homes (that can’t be easy) because of this freakin’ virus stuff. I won’t get into that because I just get mad with all the “cooked books,” lies, deceit, etc. being spewed to continue to scare the heck out of everyone and keep them scared and controlled.

Enough on that…

On a happier note I feel ten pounds lighter! I thought I was going to have to change hair styles and have a head full of pig tails or short pony tails but thank you Governor Kemp for giving us back our choices – I got my hair cut today! My hair salon opened and yes, for all you worry warts, they followed the “safety” measures and it was definitely a cheerful environment.

What a true blessing it is to have such a simple matter taken care of as a hair cut. Who’d have thought!

Another blessing that suddenly happened is that my roommate was suddenly given a surprise invitation to go to Florida with a nephew to visit her sister whom she hasn’t seen in over a year. The only sad part is – she’s at the beach and I’m home doing laundry. 😦

Don’t get sunburn, Gerri

But things are looking up, rain tomorrow will soften this Georgia red clay and I can do some planting Thursday or Friday. I’m looking forward to getting all that dirt all over my hands, under my nails, on my knees, and probably on my face, too 🙂

That’s what “whirlies” (jet tub) are for.

I hope that you all are doing well and that things are looking up for you in your areas. Some restaurants are opening here as of yesterday, along with some other small businesses, and people are slowly getting back to work. Now THAT is a blessing!

Thanks for coming by and blessings to you.







What Happened to Common Sense?

People just dumbfound me! It doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, who you love, who you hate, what nationality you are, color, or religion. Where has common sense gone?

Our Georgia governor has worked very hard to follow the guidelines for combating this corona virus that has come down from the higher ups in Washington, D.C. and last night he announced, after careful consideration, that some businesses will be allowed to open this Friday, April 24th, 2020 in Georgia.

Personally I think he is doing the right thing. People are hurting, people are losing everything, families are being destroyed emotionally and financially, and the economy is tanking. And yes, people are still sick. I get it! So please don’t give me your bleeding heart stories.

I am also aware that the numbers given by the fake news media is to boost their ratings, inject fear, and to control the public. If you don’t agree, that’s fine by me. I’m writing what I think, my opinion, and since I pay to write on this blog I get to do that.

There are several, even those who are not even in our state, that are lamb basting Governor Kemp for doing that. As stated by President Trump many times, “Not every state has the same circumstances.”

But what really bothers me is the loss of common sense. Try these on for size;

1. If you own a business and the Governor says you can open it and you don’t agree, then don’t open the business! The Governor DID NOT say you HAVE to open your business. Gee, that sounds like a choice to me.

2. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your house, Stay home! The Governor DID NOT say “get your fanny off the couch and go give a great big group hug.

3. If your do not want to be in a large group of worshipers in a confined space, then don’t go to church! God didn’t say you HAVE to be in church every Sunday and if your faith is only exhibited inside the building then you might want to reevaluate your “faith.”

Come on people! – Quit griping, moaning, and condemning and think. Use the common sense God gave you!

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Ain’t Keeping me Down!

I’m tired of this virus and all the various reports about how many have it, how many have died, and how we must wear masks and stay inside! Some of it, in my opinion, is blown far out of reason and common sense.

I saw a report where anyone, yes anyone, that has died during this pandemic is automatically recorded as Coronavirus as the cause of death. Excuse me but old age, heart attacks, someone falling and breaking their neck is NOT related to this virus. The one article I read also stated that those increased numbers are done deliberately so as to get more government aide for that state. That’s just wrong! Do it legitimately or don’t do it at all!

Okay, I have vented, forgive me but I just watched some of the news with all the Trump bashing and virus stuff I had to turn it off. My day was going great until I turned the T.V. on and had to quickly turn it off or blow a gasket. (That means to get really mad.)

But before that we ventured off to Walmart and I loaded up the car with more mulch, a couple of tomato plants and some Hens and Chickens to plant. Once we got all that unloaded and big pots to plant the tomatoes in filled with dirt and ready, the gravel and dirt ready for the Hens and Chickens, I transplanted planted 3 Rose of Sharon’s that I had in a big planter.

In case you are not familiar with the plant Hens and Chickens, this is it.

You know I love to play in the dirt and another thing I love to do is grill. On our trip for groceries yesterday we were blessed with a nice choice of rib eye steaks so guess what I did after all the planting, digging, and playing in the dirt?

We had dinner!

This virus is not keeping me down or keeping me from enjoying a grilled rib eye steak!

Ohhh, I’ll bet your mouths are watering.

Stay safe and stay well, and enjoy your free time. Don’t let all this negativity get you down. Christ is still on His throne and in control. Thanks for coming by.








Posted on April 10, 2020 by Secretangel

This was reposted. I (Sue) did not have this virus.

See the source image

Well, sorry that I have been absent for a while but I will officially make this announcement…

I have survived Covid 19!!

I can tell you that it has been a horrific ordeal to experience. I have been a nurse for many, many years and never expected to contract this horrible virus that resulted in bilateral pneumonia with hypoxic respiratory distress, and finally hospitalization. I am finally home on oxygen but am still quarantined due to continued cough. I have not been able to hug my family for over 2 weeks now… but I have survived. To hear our families cry and verbalize their fears of losing their loved ones is heartbreaking. To be hospitalized while a hospital is in lock-down is not the easiest thing either, but I can tell you that this virus is totally horrific, and we all need to do our part to stop the spread of it. I know that it is an inconvenience to stay home but the alternative is not any easier. You never know who has this virus because many do not even have symptoms. Please stay home. Please wear masks when out. And please protect your own family from this deadly virus. Too many have died already.  May God bless and protect you all!







Are You Listening!?

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Everybody better open there eyes and realize what’s really going on. In three short months, just like He did with the plagues of Egypt, God has taken away everything we worship. God said, “you want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums. You want to worship musicians, I will shut down Civic Centers.  You want to worship actors, I will shut down theaters. You want to worship money, I will shut down the economy and collapse the stock market. You don’t want to go to church and worship Me, I will make it where you can’t go to church.”

“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Maybe we don’t need a vaccine, Maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and have a personal revival where we focus on the ONLY thing in the world that really matters. Jesus.

If you believe this share it. Start the revival in your home……Spread the Love of Jesus.

Written by: George Roig with Elizabeth Roig.

Note from Sue: The Lord is giving a “shaking” to His children as well as the rest of the world. The end is near and as Christians, in my opinion, He is shaking up His church before He pours out His judgement and eventually His wrath. He’s warning us to put down our idols and we don’t seem to be listening. As the body of Christ we BETTER STOP this wishy-washy , politically correct, fluff & feel good Christianity and stand boldly and proudly for what Christ calls us to do; follow His Word not the worlds! We’ve given into so many idols; just some are listed in the article, that we have lost sight of the Truth or compromised it for worldly standards. Stop it! We will answer to God! I want to hear Him say to me, “Good and faithful servant” on that day that I take my last breath and stand before Him face to face.

Coronavirus is deadly, yes, but even more deadly is a dead church!







We’ve Been Busy

It has been an interesting few days around here. Like everyone else this virus is on our minds. Georgia is one of the many states that has the whole state on lock down or what is also called, “shelter in place.”

For the last week Gerri (my roommate) and I have stayed in except for short walks in the subdivision. My mind keeps going to how we can do little things that may be of help to others without having to go out, so the brilliant idea hit me, well, actually the Lord suggested it, to give free books to the neighbor’s to help some alleviate whatever boredom they may be experiencing. Not all of us have kids and husbands to tend to, plus we all need a break from them if we do.

What better way to get the mind off this virus and all the negative reports and fake news than a good book, and by the way I have written several. 🙂

I made up a flier announcing free books and we taped one to every mailbox in the subdivision and yesterday morning I was up early and set a table down at the street with a sign and put copies of 6 of my 8 published books on. I chose not to add the latest 2 for my own reasons.

All they had to do was stop by and pick up a book or however many they wanted and move on without having to come in contact with anyone.

For the first few hours I was beginning to wonder if people didn’t know how to read or just didn’t like to read, but then my spirits began to lift as I noticed the stacks getting smaller. When I went down to get my mail I walked over to the table and found a thank you note taped to the table cloth. How sweet! That made my day!

So my good intentions and hopefully caring heart didn’t go to waste. Several of the books were taken and I pray they bless those that read them.

This morning was a different story. We needed to go out into the world and decided we better wear a mask, which we did not have, and I wasn’t about to place a pantie liner across my face, put a plastic bag over my head, or some such thing, like some people are doing, so we got busy.

Searching through some cotton T-shirts I found the perfect ones.

We drug out the sewing machine and in no time had our flowery masks and was ready to venture out. Don’t you think my flowers are so appropriate since I love playing in the dirt?

Ohhh how good it felt to get out of the house for a bit! And the Kentucky Fried Chicken hit the spot! I still have some left over so gotta’ go. The KFC is calling.

Stay safe and well. See ya’ next time and thanks for coming by.


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Happy Dance Day

As we all try to cope with being out of work, having kids under foot, and being inundated with the fake news, the distortion of what’s happening with the Coronavirus we can easily become discouraged and wonder about our sanity at times, at least the worlds sanity, if not our own.

Thank the Lord that we have a President that tries to encourage us and with the Lord’s help, for He is still on His Throne, we will make it through this craziness. We all need some good news, some hope, and many of us try to help others; be it by sewing masks for the hospitals and clinics, checking on our elderly neighbors, or standing and singing in our yards.

Last night a thought seemed to slam through my mind and it was so strong I wanted to jump up and do it right then. Hey Cass, go to Chick-Fil-A and get the firemen lunch and take it them.

We have a fire station just 5 miles down the road with 4 firemen on duty most of the time. So this morning I wasn’t sure if they can come to the door due to the state wide “lock down” starting, so I made a sign to hold to the window telling them we had lunch for them and wrote a note of appreciation for their sacrifices and helping our community, and Gerri and I hot foot it to Chick-Fil-A to get them each a lunch.

Holy cow, I have never seen so many cars lined up for the take-out window! There were 2 rows of lined up cars clear around the building with sweet ladies in their uniforms directing traffic and several employees taking and filling orders.

Boy were the firemen surprised!

They did open the door so we didn’t need the sign, but gave it to them anyway. What a blessing! They were so appreciative and we got to chat with them for a couple of minutes and had some laughs when Gerri told one of them, “I don’t want to be placed on some gurney!” The fireman laughed and replied, “Nah, we’ll make you walk to the ambulance.”

It was wonderful and it wasn’t just them that were blessed, but the two of us as well. It gave me such a sense of love for these guys that will put their life on the line to save ours. It’s been a happy dance feeling all day.

That didn’t end when we got home either. I checked my e-mail and wow, I just said yesterday about how it is taking longer to hear from my publisher, and here’s an e-mail from them saying my page formatting is completed and to go over it and approve or disapprove. Yayyyy.

I tried to put a sample copy of what I’m talking about on here but it didn’t work. So to help out, page formatting is the font used, the design used for each chapter title, (or number,) and the page set up. It looks exactly like it will look in the completed book when you lay the book open. This time it doesn’t have to be read again. I’m merely approving the layout and design they have chosen for the printed pages. After going through it I clicked on the “approve” button.

The next step in this process is the one I really, really want to see – The cover design! Now that’s when I get really excited.

Stay safe, keep your sanity, and stay well. See ya’ next time and thanks for coming by.