Happy Dance Day

As we all try to cope with being out of work, having kids under foot, and being inundated with the fake news, the distortion of what’s happening with the Coronavirus we can easily become discouraged and wonder about our sanity at times, at least the worlds sanity, if not our own.

Thank the Lord that we have a President that tries to encourage us and with the Lord’s help, for He is still on His Throne, we will make it through this craziness. We all need some good news, some hope, and many of us try to help others; be it by sewing masks for the hospitals and clinics, checking on our elderly neighbors, or standing and singing in our yards.

Last night a thought seemed to slam through my mind and it was so strong I wanted to jump up and do it right then. Hey Cass, go to Chick-Fil-A and get the firemen lunch and take it them.

We have a fire station just 5 miles down the road with 4 firemen on duty most of the time. So this morning I wasn’t sure if they can come to the door due to the state wide “lock down” starting, so I made a sign to hold to the window telling them we had lunch for them and wrote a note of appreciation for their sacrifices and helping our community, and Gerri and I hot foot it to Chick-Fil-A to get them each a lunch.

Holy cow, I have never seen so many cars lined up for the take-out window! There were 2 rows of lined up cars clear around the building with sweet ladies in their uniforms directing traffic and several employees taking and filling orders.

Boy were the firemen surprised!

They did open the door so we didn’t need the sign, but gave it to them anyway. What a blessing! They were so appreciative and we got to chat with them for a couple of minutes and had some laughs when Gerri told one of them, “I don’t want to be placed on some gurney!” The fireman laughed and replied, “Nah, we’ll make you walk to the ambulance.”

It was wonderful and it wasn’t just them that were blessed, but the two of us as well. It gave me such a sense of love for these guys that will put their life on the line to save ours. It’s been a happy dance feeling all day.

That didn’t end when we got home either. I checked my e-mail and wow, I just said yesterday about how it is taking longer to hear from my publisher, and here’s an e-mail from them saying my page formatting is completed and to go over it and approve or disapprove. Yayyyy.

I tried to put a sample copy of what I’m talking about on here but it didn’t work. So to help out, page formatting is the font used, the design used for each chapter title, (or number,) and the page set up. It looks exactly like it will look in the completed book when you lay the book open. This time it doesn’t have to be read again. I’m merely approving the layout and design they have chosen for the printed pages. After going through it I clicked on the “approve” button.

The next step in this process is the one I really, really want to see – The cover design! Now that’s when I get really excited.

Stay safe, keep your sanity, and stay well. See ya’ next time and thanks for coming by.







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