We’ve Been Busy

It has been an interesting few days around here. Like everyone else this virus is on our minds. Georgia is one of the many states that has the whole state on lock down or what is also called, “shelter in place.”

For the last week Gerri (my roommate) and I have stayed in except for short walks in the subdivision. My mind keeps going to how we can do little things that may be of help to others without having to go out, so the brilliant idea hit me, well, actually the Lord suggested it, to give free books to the neighbor’s to help some alleviate whatever boredom they may be experiencing. Not all of us have kids and husbands to tend to, plus we all need a break from them if we do.

What better way to get the mind off this virus and all the negative reports and fake news than a good book, and by the way I have written several. 🙂

I made up a flier announcing free books and we taped one to every mailbox in the subdivision and yesterday morning I was up early and set a table down at the street with a sign and put copies of 6 of my 8 published books on. I chose not to add the latest 2 for my own reasons.

All they had to do was stop by and pick up a book or however many they wanted and move on without having to come in contact with anyone.

For the first few hours I was beginning to wonder if people didn’t know how to read or just didn’t like to read, but then my spirits began to lift as I noticed the stacks getting smaller. When I went down to get my mail I walked over to the table and found a thank you note taped to the table cloth. How sweet! That made my day!

So my good intentions and hopefully caring heart didn’t go to waste. Several of the books were taken and I pray they bless those that read them.

This morning was a different story. We needed to go out into the world and decided we better wear a mask, which we did not have, and I wasn’t about to place a pantie liner across my face, put a plastic bag over my head, or some such thing, like some people are doing, so we got busy.

Searching through some cotton T-shirts I found the perfect ones.

We drug out the sewing machine and in no time had our flowery masks and was ready to venture out. Don’t you think my flowers are so appropriate since I love playing in the dirt?

Ohhh how good it felt to get out of the house for a bit! And the Kentucky Fried Chicken hit the spot! I still have some left over so gotta’ go. The KFC is calling.

Stay safe and well. See ya’ next time and thanks for coming by.


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