Ain’t Keeping me Down!

I’m tired of this virus and all the various reports about how many have it, how many have died, and how we must wear masks and stay inside! Some of it, in my opinion, is blown far out of reason and common sense.

I saw a report where anyone, yes anyone, that has died during this pandemic is automatically recorded as Coronavirus as the cause of death. Excuse me but old age, heart attacks, someone falling and breaking their neck is NOT related to this virus. The one article I read also stated that those increased numbers are done deliberately so as to get more government aide for that state. That’s just wrong! Do it legitimately or don’t do it at all!

Okay, I have vented, forgive me but I just watched some of the news with all the Trump bashing and virus stuff I had to turn it off. My day was going great until I turned the T.V. on and had to quickly turn it off or blow a gasket. (That means to get really mad.)

But before that we ventured off to Walmart and I loaded up the car with more mulch, a couple of tomato plants and some Hens and Chickens to plant. Once we got all that unloaded and big pots to plant the tomatoes in filled with dirt and ready, the gravel and dirt ready for the Hens and Chickens, I transplanted planted 3 Rose of Sharon’s that I had in a big planter.

In case you are not familiar with the plant Hens and Chickens, this is it.

You know I love to play in the dirt and another thing I love to do is grill. On our trip for groceries yesterday we were blessed with a nice choice of rib eye steaks so guess what I did after all the planting, digging, and playing in the dirt?

We had dinner!

This virus is not keeping me down or keeping me from enjoying a grilled rib eye steak!

Ohhh, I’ll bet your mouths are watering.

Stay safe and stay well, and enjoy your free time. Don’t let all this negativity get you down. Christ is still on His throne and in control. Thanks for coming by.



3 thoughts on “Ain’t Keeping me Down!

  1. I like hens and chickens. Glad you have been able to get more gardening done. I haven’t been to the grocery store for a month or more. A couple of people have picked us things for me, and today I got my first online order of groceries delivered to my door. That was great. Not as good as doing it myself in some ways, because now we can’t get everything exactly as we did before such as choice of brands. But I’ve got lots of food and I’m going to put a soup bone in the slow cooker over night and make veggie soup. Haven’t done that for a few years now, and I’m looking forward to it. Yes, Christ is still on the throne and always will be. And as it says in Haggai, He will overthrow the thrones of the kingdoms when He shakes the earth again. I think this may just be the beginning of that shaking.

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