Blessings Galore

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting in a couple of ways. I’m getting a little impatient and that is not always a good thing. We need to take into consideration what others might be experiencing and our patience can be tested through that thought process.

I’m still waiting for the cover design for my new book, Amy’s Quest. That’s becoming a little harder as days and weeks pass, but I already know the people doing it are having to do it from their homes (that can’t be easy) because of this freakin’ virus stuff. I won’t get into that because I just get mad with all the “cooked books,” lies, deceit, etc. being spewed to continue to scare the heck out of everyone and keep them scared and controlled.

Enough on that…

On a happier note I feel ten pounds lighter! I thought I was going to have to change hair styles and have a head full of pig tails or short pony tails but thank you Governor Kemp for giving us back our choices – I got my hair cut today! My hair salon opened and yes, for all you worry warts, they followed the “safety” measures and it was definitely a cheerful environment.

What a true blessing it is to have such a simple matter taken care of as a hair cut. Who’d have thought!

Another blessing that suddenly happened is that my roommate was suddenly given a surprise invitation to go to Florida with a nephew to visit her sister whom she hasn’t seen in over a year. The only sad part is – she’s at the beach and I’m home doing laundry. 😦

Don’t get sunburn, Gerri

But things are looking up, rain tomorrow will soften this Georgia red clay and I can do some planting Thursday or Friday. I’m looking forward to getting all that dirt all over my hands, under my nails, on my knees, and probably on my face, too 🙂

That’s what “whirlies” (jet tub) are for.

I hope that you all are doing well and that things are looking up for you in your areas. Some restaurants are opening here as of yesterday, along with some other small businesses, and people are slowly getting back to work. Now THAT is a blessing!

Thanks for coming by and blessings to you.


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