It is Finished

I’m beginning to get a little frustrated, like everyone else I am sure, about not being able to do and go as I am used to doing and going. But with that in mind I am still able to play in the dirt while it seems that everyone else is freaking out over this virus.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it is very serious, I know good people are dying right and left, and families are having a difficult time. It just seems that people have gone nuts with fear and fear does not come from the Lord. He gives us a sound mind, at least some of us, and common sense as well as wisdom. We’ll get through this with His help.

So to move forward, regardless of a nasty virus, this is how my flower garden started. Monkey grass taking over the walkway to the entrance of my guest house.

Then we moved on to getting them relocated to the back of the garden.

Snake # 1 disposed of with a sharp shovel.

And we got that part of the job done.

Hot footing it to Walmart I was able to find 30 potted Phlox plants and had decided to line the front part of the garden with those. Phlox is a pretty fast spreading perineal plant so the spaces will fill in making a beautiful border along the front.

Snake # 2 beheaded.

Now I need to find the mulch. I like Cedar mulch the best because bugs and critters don’t like it. Especially termites and Georgia is one of their favorite states to live in. Plus it smells so good.

Snake # 3 taken care of!

Today, after being able to scrounge up a bunch of bags of mulch, I was able to get the finishing touches to it done. Doesn’t it look nice?

No snake today. Praise God and Hallelujah!

So that flower bed is finished for now and I can move on to the other ones as I am able to get the mulch that I need. I’m hoping to hear from my publisher pretty soon. I pray they are all okay and none have this virus.

So while we all sit on hold, I’ll continue to play in the dirt, try not to work my poor roommate to death helping, read, pray, and try to help others as I can.

Wishing you all well and stay safe. See ya’ next time.