Where Has My America Gone?

Today has been a time of remembering when it seemed as though things were so much more simple than they are in today’s world. I remember riding my bicycle down the country road without fears of being snatched off the seat, leaving the bike wheels spinning in the dirt, because someone would sell me for a quick buck and someone’s perverted sex acts.

I remember playing dolls with my sister and busting into a marble game my brother and his friends were playing, swinging on an old tire swing, and riding behind my brother on his homemade cart while we sped down the hilly country road.

I remember when the murder of a baby was absolutely unthinkable, and illegal, when children were cherished and loved while in the womb, and a young girl pregnant from mistaking “puppy love” for the real love was frowned upon.

I remember hearing about what was called “queers” at that time because their sex acts were queer to the normal people. It was frowned on not only by Christian men and women, but by God, and still is. At least by God.

I remember when a man and a woman took their marriage vows seriously and was excited about starting a new life together, and “shacking up” was frowned on in the few times it was discovered. I remember when there were no drive- thru divorce windows, and it was unheard of that two men would take “marriage vows” or two women for that matter.

What happened to my America?

What happened to children building stick forts, tree houses, tents in the back yard, to kids climbing trees or milking cows and feeding chickens, to teachers being able to hug a crying child without being chastised by some liberal group? What happened to prayer in school, standing and facing our flag while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance? I remember churches were filled and Sunday dinners shared, church camps were filled with laughter and crafts and lessons about Jesus.

What happened to my America?

People say that times have changed. I beg to differ. Time continues on just like it has for thousands of years. Times haven’t changed, people have! It seems that a society that cared about their neighbors has slowly become a “me” society. “Do to others before they do to you,” “screw the next guy, I deserve better,” and sadly the kids of today have been programmed in those kinds of attitudes. We’ve raised a bunch of self-serving, spoiled brats that think of no-one but self.

It used to be we Americans had some pride and trust in our politicians, our government. I can remember cheering as a President of the United States waved to all of us lined along the street holding our small flags to greet our President as he slowly traveled through town in his open convertable. People cheered, now our President doesn’t dare ride through the streets for being shot at, tomatoes thrown, cursed, or pelted with rocks, and riots in objection.

Now it’s nothing to see or hear another politician or some high and mighty thinking celebrity screaming to cut off the head of our President, “throw all the Trump lovers in a room with Coronavirus and let them die.” “Someone should hang Trump in the town square!” “We have to control the population! Kill the babies and the old folks! They’re useless!” We have one political party that is hell bent on turning my America into a communist country! History is being torn down by radicals thinking that will change history because they don’t see a statue and the Bible is banned.

What happened to my America?

Where did the love of neighbor, respect for the elderly, the cherishing of the unborn, the family, the pride in our leaders, the young standing before a flag, and filled churches, go?

Where did my America go….?

It left when we left God. When Jesus’ death on the Cross became unimportant to many. When self righteousness and blatant sin became okay and took over hearts, and we made ourselves god.

I want my America back!






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