Where the Rubber Hits the Road

May I back track just a bit. In past posts I have talked about how when we first start writing our first book we are thrilled, have stars in our eyes, and so many have $$$$$$$$ signs floating above their heads. The excitement is tangible!

I’ve also mentioned how, mainly younger people, look at me with awe in their eyes and voice at book signing events and say, “You’re a reeeeaaaal author!” In return I reach out my arm, with a large smile, a hidden giggle, and reply, “Yes, and you can even touch me.” I really get a chuckle when they actually do touch my arm. Make that a laugh out loud!

As I have also stated the publishing process has been taking it course with my new novel, Amy’s Quest, and I’ve been so anxious to get the cover design back. The thrill of seeing how the artists have depicted what I have described for my cover has been a time of having to be patient. Which is what happens throughout the whole process!

Now patience is once again having to be practiced because I did get the cover design and I’m pleased/ but not pleased. There has to be some changes made. Amy, the main character in my story, has been neglected, abused, and abandoned and yet the small picture of her on the front cover looks like she’s a little rich girl waiting for her limousine with her fancy hair style and pretty white dress.

Nope, that does not depict the child in the story! So changes have to be made. It is vital that our cover, the first thing people see, depicts some aspect of the story within the cover. That means another 2-4 weeks of waiting for the corrections to be made.

Now back to the main topic. Along with the cover design I am given a run-down of the book size, format, etc, etc, etc, along with my profits and how those will be broken down for each book sold.

Well folks, here’s where the rubber hits the road!

Here is the basic formula for calculating the ideal cover price. (What your book will sell for)

Cover price = Print costs + Wholesale discount + Author/Publisher Profit

Print costs includes paper stock, ink, cover materials, etc. This depends on size, interior color, number of pages, etc.

Wholesale Discount is what the retail stores and distributors get from selling your book. The standard is 55% (Yep, they get the biggest cut)

Author/Publisher Profit is the amount you and the publisher will make on each printed book sold.

If the $$$$ signs are floating above your head as the “I always wanted to write a book” is dreamily being spoken then here’s some of that rubber that hits the road.

Amy’s Quest has 370 pages with black and white interior and is 6X9 in size. (Its a thick book)

The book price is $22.95. After everyone gets their share for selling my book I will walk away with a whopping $3.79 from a book that sells for $23.00 (rounded) That’s actually more than some publishers will pay.

How long did it take to write, how many sleepless nights were spent at the computer, and how many meals are missed? This is our “Baby!” We’ve invested time, energy, and big bucks to have our “baby” put in print form. It’s a lot of work!

Conclusion: If you’re in it for the $$$$$$$$$ – sadly you will be disappointed. Do your writing “as to the Lord” and you’ll never be disappointed.

Thanks for coming by.







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