Big Disappointment

I promise not to go on a tyrant about this Covid-19 stuff but I am so sick of all the lies and deceit that is being spouted. “Masks are dangerous, – wear a mask constantly, – millions are dead from this virus, – it’s air born now, – no it isn’t air born, – shut down the churches because its caused from singing,” etc, etc, etc.

The CDC, WHO, The little “professional weasel” (Fauci) and others have finally admitted they have deliberately misrepresented, (to put it mildly,) the numbers of cases, deaths, causes, etc. These so-called “experts” have thrown the American people (especially the “sheep”) into an abyss so dark only God can dig deep enough to pull us out, for the sole purpose to fulfill an evil political agenda. (my blog, my opinion)

It has infected, not the virus, but the lies, everything we have ever stood for and everything, seemingly, in our lives, including the publishing industry. I have been sitting on pins and needles for the past few weeks waiting to receive my copies of my new novel, Amy’s Quest.

I’ve been telling some of my reading fans, “I’m expecting it any time now. Hang in there.” Yesterday I received an e-mail from my publisher… talk about disappointed, and yes I was also angry.

It hasn’t even gone to print yet!

I thought it was going to print almost five weeks ago! When I submitted my approval for the cover design I neglected to notice the subtitle was left off and I approved the cover. My bad but no big deal because the subtitle was merely “A novel.”

Because of the totally blown out of proportion and exaggerated threat of a virus (I know people have died and some have underlying conditions so don’t go there) the production people at the publishers is still working from home, and (God forbid they aren’t wearing a mask) so things are going slower than normal.

The e-mail informed me that the “A novel” subtitle was left off of the cover and if I want it added then it will be even longer to print the books. Guess what my reply was? “Don’t bother adding it at this point! I do not want more delays.”

So for all those who have sat on those same pins and needles in anticipation of having my latest suspense novel in your hot little hands, hold on. Eventually we will have the finished product and can sit back (hopefully not by a fireplace in the middle of winter) reading and enjoying a good story.

And you don’t need to wear a

while you read. (unless you’re in a hospital)

Thanks for putting up with me.


You Can’t Avoid Criticism

Very good advice  from another blogger that loves writing. You might want to visit her site at Marketing Christian Books.

Marketing Christian Books

I know a retired pastor who continues to be active in his church and teach or preach whenever he is invited to do so. He recently was criticized quite severely by a member of his church for:

  • Preaching without notes.
  • Being able to quote passages from the Bible without reading them.
  • Drawing large crowds whenever he teaches.
  • Speaking the truth (because truth makes people uncomfortable).

You Can't Avoid Criticism

Wow. These are all things one would usually commend someone for. Instead, someone criticized this retired pastor for these things.

Why? I don’t think we will know the answer this side of eternity, and it really is not important. What I believe this scenario illustrates is that we will always have critics.

If you do anything publicly—author a book, speak to a group, write a blog post or article, post on social media—someone is going to disagree with you. There is always someone in a…

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Waiting is Such a…

Can we wait with grace? I wonder sometimes since we all have experiences in having to wait on or for something. We wait in line at the grocery store and get impatient when suddenly we see the person in front doling out fifty dollars in coins, mainly pennies and nickles. (I can hear the foot tapping just typing it)

We wait for traffic lights and get frustrated when the car behind blasts their horn because we didn’t move fast enough when the light turns green. “Why haven’t I heard if my manuscript was accepted?” And oh, what about waiting for medical test results to come back? “Is my thyroid okay?” “I sure hope that ‘big C’ biopsy comes back benign” while we chew our finger nails up to the elbow. “What’s taking so long just to let me know what my blood counts are?” I did that many many times when my late husband was in the hospital for long periods of time. Waiting for medical results can be very trying!

Waiting can be frustrating and exasperating. Another example is waiting on the Lord. Oh how we can get so frustrated and even doubt that the Lord will answer our prayers, or even heard them. He says that we are to continue with whatever witnessing, Bible study, or whatever as we wait, but that isn’t always easy.

You’ve probably been waiting to see if I have given up writing on this blog. Well, I’ve been waiting, too. I’ve said for some time that I can write an entire novel in less time than it takes to get one published and out to the public. That is if the publisher I have chosen is a legitimate upstanding publisher and not one of the “glorified print shops” that print your book in six weeks and then never lift a finger to do anything else other than send you a barrage of e-mails wanting you to buy this, that, or the other.

Yes, I am waiting to receive my copy of the finished Amy’s Quest, my new novel. I don’t remember exactly how long it took me to write it but I guarantee it was not ten to twelve months!

It has gone to the printers and when I get my copy I have to read it, check the cover , look for any mistakes I may need to have changed (at an added charge at this point) and then approve everything. Once that is done then I wait again for it to be released to the public. Then wait for the book to be put on Kindle, etc, wait for the trailer, … It seems it’s never ending waiting.

I’m having to restrain myself because I’m wanting to e-mail my publisher and say, “Will you get with the program? It didn’t take me this long to write it!”

But, of course I won’t. The frustration, and yes the excitement of seeing the finished product is beginning to get to me a little bit. Patience, Cass. It takes time, and I have to remind myself of that almost daily now.

So as we wait we must do what we can to tap down the feelings of fear, frustration, and impatience. I think I’m doing a pretty good job of the impatience part for now.

What is your “pet” waiting experience that sends you close to the edge?

Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you.



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By Rev. Austin Miles

There is now zero equality under the law. Churches must be silent while BLM militants and Antifa terrorists can raise hell on the streets and neighborhoods. This is pure Marxism.

The biggest obstacle restraining the Communist Party from world domination is the church. A true Christian mind cannot be enslaved. The United States of America’s landscape is dotted with churches, and America is the only country standing in the way of the Communist One World Order. This is a thorn in the butt for the Reds who have tried every way possible to take over this Land of the Free to satisfy their lusts for global power. Once they have America, they have the world.At this moment, anarchy has taken over portions of our country, causing severe destruction of property…

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