We’re Not Done Yet

We’ve talked about the steps about the process of getting our stories published and at times how frustrating it can be. We’ve gone through writing our story, the editing process, getting it submitted, and investigating the various publishers.

We’ve finally gotten to the point of actually seeing our book come together and a cover design completed. That’s exciting! But what is even more exciting is to hold our completed book in our hot little hands and feel the pride and excitement of a completed project, as well as the sigh of relief that its finished.

I’ve received my “free” copies and have to decide how many books I now want to purchase. Yes, we have to buy our books at an author’s discount, and having learned the hard way, I don’t buy 200 hundred books at a time with visions of grandeur of selling them all in a couple of weeks. Kind of like seeing our name in lights in Hollywood. A nice dream that probably won’t come true.

So what’s next? The process is not over quite yet. There’s press releases, video trailers to be made, and e-book creations. That is if you have chosen a reputable publisher. So my next step in this process is the video trailer of Amy’s Quest. It’s already on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for purchase.

The video trailer will highlight my book’s theme and when placed online with the press release increases the potential for more sales. It’s usually placed on the publisher’s YouTube channel, website, and with the press release. That is exciting, too, especially if it is done correctly. We can also publish it on our websites, Facebook, blogs, etc. You can see examples by visiting http://www.facebook.com/elahministries.

I was disappointed with one trailer that was done for one of my books because all it did is read the back cover to music. But I have had others that have really set the tone of my book. We don’t have much say, if any, in the creation of a video trailer. With the publisher I now have I have to approve or disapprove and that’s a good thing.

So I have my completed books, have received my purchased copies, and have even sold some. Now I wait for the publisher to create the video trailer and press release. In the meantime I can be advertising my book, giving some as free copies to get the word of mouth going and getting my name out there to the public, and maybe trying to arrange some book signings. (which is difficult to do now with book stores having gone out of business)

The publishing process isn’t completed yet but this also gives us time to start our next book!

Thanks for stopping by and happy writing.







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