The Good Ole Essays

Remember back in school, maybe it was elementary school? High School?

We didn’t have Middle schools when I was growing up. We went from kindergarten to the eighth grade and then off to high school. Okay, so I’m aging myself.

I don’t remember exactly in what grade the teacher would have us write a short essay or some little made up story to read to the class, but I always enjoyed it. I’d write some little make believe story about falling in a creek, chasing a dog down the street, or wading out in some lake up to my knees and having minnows nibble at the hairs on my legs or nip at my toes.

My imagination was allowed to flow freely when these assignments were given and I always looked forward to them. Looking back now, since having several fiction and non-fiction books published, I wonder if the Lord wasn’t preparing me, even way back then, for penning books.

Anyway, I decided to do some clearing out a couple of days ago. I have 14 years of support group material still in binders, boxes, and stacks as well as several books. Since I’m no longer leading support groups for women that were sexually abused as children I need to get rid of things.

It’s time to clear those library shelves! And there’s a lot to clear out!

Pulling the lid off one plastic storage box my reaction was, “Oh my gosh!” I found several outlines for testimonies and “sermons” I have given in several churches, women’s groups, and conferences around the United States. I had no idea I had given that many. As I was tossing them in the trash bag for burning in my burn barrel the Lord whispered, “See how many you have touched.”

Thinking about what He said, I realized that we don’t have to give testimonies before crowds or “preach” to touch others. The way we live is the biggest testimony and yes telling our stories is important and we each have a story to tell.

Speaking of stories, I also ran across a story I wrote. This was way back when we typed on typewriters. Computers didn’t exist then. (There’s that age thing again.) I sat reading it and had to laugh. I remember writing it. It was probably the first “real” story I ever wrote. I chuckled and my roommate asked me what I was laughing about and I told her and ended up reading it to her. As I started to toss it in the big black trash bag along with all the other no – need – for items she exclaimed, “You’re not going to trash that!”

“Well, yes I was.”

It ended up on my desk and just for fun I have retyped it and put it as a post. It’s titled, “The Glowing Deer.” It was fun writing, it brings back fond memories, and yes, I think the Lord may have been preparing me. Throughout the years I have tried my hand at little stories and had even tried writing a book. (Which was very rudely rejected so fast it made me stop writing for several years)

Just for fun, save those early writings, those early stories you attempted to write, and like me, years later you can chuckle and enjoy how the Lord was secretly preparing you.

I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget, The Lord will fulfill our dreams, even if we didn’t realize writing was an uncovered dream.

Thanks for coming by and look for the post, “The Glowing Deer.”


5 thoughts on “The Good Ole Essays

  1. my mom had gone to secretarial school in around 1950–she would type those papers I had to do in high school because she was so much faster than I was and made fewer mistakes—remember using that thin onion paper with a sheet of carbon paper in between?
    Then having to use a liquid white-out and try to realign the paper just so as to type the correction?
    Yep, mother was a much better typist.
    I think she would have loved a computer 🙂

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    1. I fought getting a computer for a very long time and finally the Lord just flat out demanded I get one and helped me to learn how to use it. Now, I’m practically lost without it. Even though I have improved a bit on “hunt and peck, I’m still no typist. lol

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  2. No middle school for me either. I learned to type in Grade 9 on an old Underwood typewriter with blank keys. To pass we needed to type 30 words per minute. I managed 40, but had no interest in doing secretarial work. But I am very thankful for the training as now I type quite fast on my computer and can accomplish a lot in a short time of just straight typing.

    I still have a story I had to write in elementary school in book form. I had to create the cover and do the illustrations too. It was about being stranded on an island and what I would do to survive. I think I may have blogged about that a long time ago. It was the only writing effort of the kind I remember ever having to do. I do not recall writing essays like they do today.

    I’m going to read The Glowing Deer now.


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