Getting Back in Action

I apologize for having you all hanging out there wondering if I have given up the ghost, so to speak. 🙂 I know you sit in great anticipation to hear the latest news from Sue’s little corner of the world. (well I can dream, can’t I?) But I’m honored that you have chosen to read my nonsense. (at times)

Well, it’s kind of been a trying time in a way. Lots of things going on and I just haven’t had the time or really the inclination to write. I’ve been doing other things that took priority for a short time but things have smoothed out now and I’m on the mend. Yes, it has been medical but NOT this overblown Corona virus.

So between doctors, tests, and being forced to wear a mask, (even though I was not/am not contagious) “for the safety of others” –

Nurses actually loved my mask.

Side track for a moment – How can one spread an illness if they don’t have an illness to spread?

Back on track now –

I have been doing some cleaning out, donating, and throwing away. As some of you know I was the facilitator for a Christian based women’s sexual abuse support group for fourteen years.

I have an enormous amount of books, educational video’s, articles, and other material that I accumulated over those fourteen years that I used in the support groups. I no longer lead support groups so it was time to sort through and find a home for all that great material.

It took me three days of sitting on the floor going through page after page of lesson plans, articles, and copied lessons. Most of all that ended up in three large black leaf bags. Then taking the time to sort through hundreds of books. 107 books ended up in piles on the library floor along with bags of videos, tapes, workbooks, and pamphlets, etc. to go to a new home.

We spent two days burning the contents of the three black bags in the burn barrel and the piles on the floor wound up in double Walmart bags for delivery. Yes, The Lord provided a church that wants to start a library and also has counseling available for those who desire it. So all that went to help others and that pleases me to no end! Yay God, what a blessing!

So now that my library has been put back together I have moved onto other more enjoyable projects. No, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and mopping the kitchen floor doesn’t fit in that enjoyable category…

But playing in the dirt does!

I’ll fill you in later on that.

Thanks for coming by……..


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