What Are Portals?

Many have not heard of a portal, although there are different uses for portals. Webster’s Dictionary describes a portal as “a doorway or entrance, especially a large and imposing one.” Satan has a portal from the 2nd heaven right straight to our minds. I call it his invisible “tunnel” and it is a large and imposing one! He zooms right through it when he sees a sinful weakness in us to inundate us with his lies and accusations. But the good news is, through prayer it can be closed, locked, and sealed!

Christ has a portal, too, right straight from His Throne in heaven to our hearts. As soon as we confess our sins and ask Him to enter our hearts and be our Lord and Savior His Holy Spirit “zooms” right smack into our heart faster than we can blink our eyes. Praise be to God, we are heaven bound.

Then there’s another portal that Publisher’s use. This one isn’t quite as intriguing as those mentioned above but it is necessary, or so publishers think so. I prefer the e-mails with instructions, communications, etc. but the portal does have its pluses.

When an author ‘s manuscript is accepted the publisher sets up a portal on their website for the author’s personal use. Instructions for their layouts, information about the steps taken as the process of getting your manuscript through the publishing process and several other types of information are put in your portal. Your manuscript will be put on their for you to edit and so on. It’s just a special place we click on, on their website just for the author to get information from the publisher. My publisher sends me an e-mail stating she’s placed information on my portal. Not all do that which means it must be checked daily during the publishing process.

I’ve been asked if my new novel, Amy’s Quest is out in e-book and I wasn’t sure since I haven’t checked my portal in a while and assumed it was. I first went to Amazon and no e-book listed. Then I went to my publishers “new releases” on their website, no Amy’s Quest shown anywhere. Then I went to my portal to see if it was listed there along with a press release and number of books sold and any messages I may have missed. Nothing!

What’s going on!? Amy’s Quest came out in June! Time to fire an e-mail to my Publication Specialist and get some answers.

As it turns out they are working on the e-book version and there is no press release or my own personal website featuring my book, and nothing about sales and no Amy’s Quest on their “New releases” site until all versions of Amy’s Quest is completed. So for now the only information on my portal is old information like “We need your tax information, editing was done…, The cover design will be…” etc. etc, etc.

Folks, when I said I can write a full blown novel in much less time than it takes to get a book published, I wasn’t kidding! Yes, the paper back version Amy’s Quest is out and can be purchased but the e-book isn’t available yet, but will be on ITunes, Kindle, and Amazon when it is completed. I haven’t been told yet when that will be.

They say patience is a virtue but I can tell you from personal experience getting all of everything promised in a publishing contract, through the publishing process, can definitely try anyone’s patience. I had assumed all of this had already been done by now and that’s why I had to do some checking.

Like they say, “Don’t assume anything!”

Thanks for coming by… and by the way books make great gifts and I have some really good ones! 🙂







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