Light Versus Darkness

Walking into a dark room we automatically flip the switch on the wall and light fills the room. We don’t have to hold our hands out searching for what may be in our path that makes us stumble and fall. We can see clearly all the objects before us and not stub a toe or be injured by what is unseen.

It is the same in the spiritual realm. Christ is light and Satan is darkness. Christ’s followers are to be light unto the world. Unbelievers dwell in darkness, meaning they are unaware that all they do is for naught because there is no light within them. With Christ we see clearly the path we are to follow and with Satan we are left stumbling through a sea of lies and deception.

We are in a time of a battle against darkness. Right now this country, America, is in a fight against the darkness that is pervading our country. Those commands that Christ put in place centuries ago are being attacked, are cast aside, are being mocked.

What I have realized, with the political battle going on, is that it is not about the Democrats, the Republicans, or “I can’t stand that candidate” or “he just isn’t presidential enough” or “he’s a socialist” or freedom versus socialism.

It is about whom we will follow – God/Light or Satan/darkness. Will we vote for what the world approves or will we vote for what God approves? When we mark that ballot we are making a covenant with either Light or darkness. We are NOT making a covenant with Joe Biden or with Donald Trump. We are making a covenant with whomever we will follow! We have marked on our ballot for God’s truth to prevail or for Satan to prevail.

God has made it clear how He feels about homosexuality. He has called it abnormal, an abomination, and sin. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality as well as the Israelite’s many sins. He has made it clear how He feels about shedding innocent blood, abortion. Children were being sacrificed to a false god and the country paid the price! Millions of babies are being sacrificed today to the false god of convenience and financial gain! God has made it more than clear that marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage is a holy covenant with God. The holy covenant has been spit on by same sex “marriage.” God has made it clear that “I knew you before the womb.” God says, “I created you” (not a surgeon.) We will pay the price! A very high price!

I have seen so many voice, scream, fight, demean, and physically harm others because of disagreeing about who is the best candidate. I have family members who profess to be Christians and yet do not read the Bible, do not go to church, and turn off “religious” discussions, mainly because of ignorance of the Word of God. And sadly there are many across this nation that do the same. My heart hurts for them because of their ignorance of who God is, what He is, and what He stands for.

Christ is the Light of the world. He wants us to have an abundant life. That’s physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. He came that we will live in light and not darkness. The world does not want that! The world says, “if it feels good do it.” The world says “God is dead.” The world says that if you follow me I will give you freedom to do, to say, and to promote anything you want that makes you feel happy.

Christ says, I am the way, the truth, and the light.

Who are you making your covenant with?


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