Merry Christmas Everyone

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Now I know that isn’t a whole lot of snow but Georgia doesn’t get much snow. I’ve lived in Georgia since 1968 and I don’t ever remember having a white Christmas here. Well, wait a minute. Yes we did, in 2010.

Anyway, this is still exciting. Okay, go ahead and laugh all you Northerners.

I lived in a God forsaken part of Wyoming with blizzards and where it was considered heat waves if it got above zero. I hated, I mean HATED living there! I hate cold weather and to have to live in a place that I had to wear three layers of clothes to even think about being warm and shoveling snow every single morning almost killed me. Yes, I had a snow blower, and praise God it helped.

I praise God that I am back in Georgia where we have seasons, all 4 of them, and yes…

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